14th October 2019 - in Middlesbrough, North East

FAT, OIL AND GREASE (FOG) When you work in a food preparation environment you are obligated by the Food Safety...

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Asset Mapping

24th September 2019 - in Middlesbrough, North East

Are you interested in learning more about our GPS Mapping Service? Our GPS Mapping equipment will plot Manholes, Gullies and...

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22nd August 2019 - in North East, Sunderland

As you can imagine, working in the plumbing & drainage industry we see a lot of disturbing things in our...

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Metro Rod North East’s working on being more Environmentally friendly

23rd July 2019 - in Middlesbrough, North East, Sunderland

At the moment there is a recycling revolution going on globally and people are starting to realise the impact that...

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Give your Drains Their Annual Health Check

27th June 2019 - in Metro Rod, North East

People always remember to take their car for its annual MOT or book their health check with their local doctors...

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Celebrating 20 Years of Metro Rod North East

6th June 2019 - in Middlesbrough, North East, Sunderland

We’re proud to have celebrated Metro Rod North East’s 20th Anniversary on the 1st of June 2019, Metro Rod North...

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Common Drainage Issues in the Hot Weather

14th May 2019 - in North East

Summer is just around the corner and on everyone’s mind is heading to the beach or the park and enjoying...

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Welcome to Our New Team Members

7th May 2019 - in North East

  Since September 2018 we’ve welcomed 5 new recruits to our ever-expanding team, consisting of 3 General Drainage Assistants, 1...

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