We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

When we say we can do it all, we really can!

From the smallest kitchen waste pipework, to large road gullies; Metro Rod Deeside deals with it all for our clients and customers on a daily basis!

Our customers range from homeowners to landlords, from single premises businesses to multi franchise outlets, from local builders to large national construction companies and local councils!

You name it, we can solve it! Just take a look at how our services can be applied across any industry, for any size works!


Last time we took a look at how our Van Packs and Tankers can help our clients in all industries no matter the size of the site.

So, just what else can we offer you?


Pre-Planned Maintenance

The best way to deal with issues in your drainage, we’ve found, is to be prepared for them! By carrying out routine maintenance on your home or business’ drains, you will significantly decrease the chances of having to deal with frequent and costly emergencies in the future. Pre-Planned Maintenance is something your home or business can really benefit from in the long run, ensuring your site or home is in top condition, all year round! Examples of PPM can be anything such as the following;

  • Urinal pipework descaling
  • Car Park gully cleaning
  • Guttering and downpipe clearance
  • Foul drain jetting
  • Grease Trap Maintenance/Fat Busters

We carry out these works for a variety of customers, including;

  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Manufacturing Industry/Factories
  • Hospitality Industry; Public Houses/Hotels/Restaurants
  • Commercial Buildings/Industrial Parks
We carry out Pre-Planned Maintenance for a variety of clients!

We carry out Pre-Planned Maintenance for a variety of clients!

Metro Vac

Looking after your guttering at your home or business is important! Blocked guttering can not only cause issues with rain water not draining away. Also, it can even cause issues with water ingress into your property! Furthermore, clearing guttering can become expensive due to the need for access equipment such as scaffolding or a cherry picker for taller commercial buildings.* Metro Vac is our specialist piece of equipment, mounted on poles to reach high reach to clear away moss, leaves and debris from your guttering. In addition to this, our Metro Vac comes with a mounted camera so our engineers are able to see in real time that everything is cleared away!

We can carry out these works for a variety of customers such as;

  • Domestic Properties
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Bars/Restaurants/Hotels

*Please note these works are only able to be carried out up to certain height ranges – please get in touch with us for a FREE site assessment from one of our senior engineers who will be able to assess if the Metro Vac is a suitable solution for your property.


Metro Vac is a great, safer alternative to gutter clearance!

Metro Vac is a great, safer alternative to gutter clearance!


But of course these are just a small part of the services we can provide for our clients who require expert drain care and repair across North Wales, Chester and Wirral

Tune in next time to see how some of our other services can be applied across other areas of business and domestic properties!


Are you in need of a reliable and efficient drainage or plumbing solution? Metro Rod Deeside can help you and your businesses or homes with our drainage and plumbing services! Check out our contact details below!

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Metro Rod Deeside operate 24/7. Calls will always be answered directly by an experienced on call manager who can start diagnosing any drainage problems. Our on call manager will also assign you to an engineer who can be on site within a matter of hours. We operate throughout North Wales, including Anglesey, Chester and Wirral areas. We’re able to deal with problems such as;

  • Blocked drains (internal or external)
  • Sink, urinal and mainline drain blockages
  • CCTV surveys of drainage systems
  • Tanker Services
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Drain repairs – no dig or excavations
  • Preventative maintenance

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