Yorkshire Pudding

We do come across some strange things found in drains in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, but why would anybody waste Yorkshire Puddings?! Maybe they didn’t rise or had soggy bottoms! But it seems to be a recurring thing in some parts of the UK as Anglian Water have attended to so many drains blocked with Yorkshire Pudding in the local area, that they have taken to the press and it’s hit the headlines. You can read the full article here https://news.sky.com/story/drains-blocked-after-yorkshire-puddings-flushed-down-toilet-in-ipswich-11646787

We know too that people do pour their fat down the drains without realising the damage they are causing. We all know that the easy option isn’t always the best option, and I doubt people would realise how damaging this can be. During the colder months, fat will solidify quicker in the pipes setting hard and restricting (or completely blocking) flow. Then, other debris that get’s in the pipes will stick to the fat, causing a bigger and bigger blockage. This time of the year we also see Pancake Mixture troubling the drains and during the summer, cream and ice-cream are common culprits.

You may experience nasty smells, slow drainage, or your facilities backing up. It is at this point that you may remember pouring the Turkey fat into the sink on Christmas Day. Now our fantastic,  engineers at Metro Rod Bournemouth, are experts, and will get straight down to work and tackle the root cause of the blockage. Our Van packs carry state of the art high pressure water jetting equipment (HPWJ) which is the environmentally friendly way of clearing blockages and restoring flow. We do not use harmful chemicals in this process but please do let us know if you have tried to clear a blockage by using chemicals. A blockage can occur anywhere along the line, you may have a blocked outside drain, smelly drain, blocked sink and require a drain repair.

All you have to do is give us a ring on 0800 25 09 05 (24 hours a day) we will take the details of the property and arrange an appointment for an engineer to visit. We will keep you updated throughout the process, and let you know if any further works are required.



We work for both domestic and commercial properties, whether it is your home or place or work. If your place of work could benefit from preventative works such as pre-planned maintenance, we can arrange a free of charge site assessment to ascertain the business needs and frequency of the works, we can even advise on fat and grease management systems and carry out works outside your standard business hours to avoid disruption to your visitors and staff.

If you have and drainage or plumbing needs in the Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Dorchester, rural Dorset area, give Metro Rod Bournemouth a call, we can assist with all drainage and plumbing requirements:-

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