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You may recall an article we released, back when Mr Sun had his hat on all, about how your drains and pipes can be affected by the hot weather. Well it’s now taken a turn and we’re seeing temperatures of 5°, not 25°! So, we’re here now to give you another lesson; the cold weather and how this can affect your drainage. Also, why we here at Metro Rod are the best in the business to help you combat the cold and keep your homes and businesses up and running!

So how does the cold affect your drainage?

If you’re finding your pipes draining away slowly or even backing up, chances are you’ve got a blockage. Blockages are something we deal with on a daily basis. If you’re pouring fat or grease down your sink once you’ve finishing cooking, stop immediately. This can stick to the walls of your pipework. When the cold weather hit it can cause even further issues.

Cold pipework will cause the fat and grease to cool in rapid time. This eventually forms a wall of grease and does not allow other waste to pass. If you find that your water or waste is draining slowly in cold weather this is on scenario you may find is the cause.

How do we solve this?

We at Metro Rod have specialist equipment to help you combat this exact kind of problem. Using our High-Pressure Water Jetters, we can fight through the fat and grease build up to clear your drainage and have it flowing freely.

High Pressure Jetting is the most effective way to clear blockage

High Pressure Water Jetting

Cold weather can also cause bigger problems…

Cold weather can also put strain on older pipework and drainage. With the rapid decrease in ground temperature, pipework can expand and contract with the changing temperatures, causing cracks and defects along your pipework. We here at Metro Rod can also help when it comes to problems like this. Using specialist ‘no dig’ methods, we are able to repair pipework without the need for costly and disruptive excavation works in some cases. But be assured, should the works need a shovel to lend a hand in repairs, we do so quickly and efficiently so as not to cause your home or business any unnecessary disruption.

Our LSR (Local Structural Repair) methods allow us to conduct structural works to drains and pipeworks. You can learn all about these kinds of repairs on our services tab here.


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