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As the summer days draw to an end and autumn and winter roll in with colder weather, your gutters will start to work that bit harder. Leaves come tumbling down from the trees and wash down your roof and into the gutters. The contents of your gutters can range from fallen detritus (twigs, leaves, nuts), to growing plants (moss, grass, trees), to living creatures (birds nests, squirrel stores), to man-made items (tennis balls, Frisbees, fireworks). In an ideal world anything in your gutters would dissolve into a a substance that is liquid enough to pass through the down pipe into the gully in the ground and wash away through the drains, but as we know all too well, the ideal is not always the reality.


Why is looking after your gutters so important? 

The main purpose for having guttering on a building is to funnel water off the roof and away from the walls, as well as preventing soil erosion around your house, caused by rainfall. If you live in a place with a fair amount of rain (like England!) keeping gutters maintained is vital. Much like underground drainage, gutters can easily be overlooked. If they appear to be working well then there is little incentive to climb a ladder and peer into the gutters to see whether they are clean or impacted. Unlike underground drainage, it is possible to spot some signs of problems before they become worse, especially in drier months. Now is a perfect time to take a look and assess your gutters needs.

What Damage Could Be Caused?

If your gutters aren’t able to effectively siphon water away from the walls of your property then the water will end up causing problems within. Damp can lead to mold across the inside walls, which can be linked to a rise in poor health. The World Health Organisation have estimated that between 10-50% of European places where humans “live, work and play” are damp and that one of the reasons for this excess damp is due to blocked gutters. This damp and mold is linked to lung diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Furthermore, should your gutters be impacted with debris, this will wear them down faster than regular wear and tear and can lead to cracks in the material and even weigh them down, potentially leading to collapsed gutters.


Why choose MetroRod? 

We’ve mentioned ladders, but one thing you can rely on us for is leaving the ladders at home! Utilising our innovative MetroVac we are able to reach your gutters while our engineers feet remain safely on solid ground, minimising many of the risks of working at height. The powerful vacuum can reach up to 10 metres; most two storey houses in the UK are roughly around 5.7 metres in height. The on-board camera allows for precision gutter cleaning even when we are several metres down from the vacuum! Neither dry nor wet detritus are a match for our suction system.


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