We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

There are countless benefits to living and working in Dorset, but one of the biggest is having miles of wonderful beaches along the famous Jurassic Coast, and we here in Metro Dorset ensure that many of the hotels, bars, cafe’s and restaurants that run along the beautiful Dorset coastline keep their drains clear, clean and free flowing for the thousands of visitors that come to Dorset every year by carrying out regular pre-planned maintenance to their drains, grease traps and toilets.


It is viewed as best practice in the food and leisure industry to carry out regular maintenance on your premises drainage. This routine, cleaning greatly reduces the risk of emergency blockages which can result in a potential loss of production and disruption to your daily business.  A well managed pre-planned maintenance programme will assist in avoiding drainage issues building up and will keep your business running smoothly.


We will initially arrange to attend your site to carry out a free of charge visual site survey of your drainage. We follow this up with a quotation based on recommendations which we feel will prevent blockages and advise on a future maintenance programme, a tailored solution designed around your specific requirements and scheduled to ensure minimal disruption.


Pre-planned maintenance is a cost effective method of ensuring your drains remain as clean as your reputation. Ultimately it will reduce your maintenance costs so you can re-invest in to your business and spend it on growing rather than unnecessary drainage blockages.

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