What is Fatberg?

Fatberg is a concentrated mass in a sewer system, it is formed by the combination of non-biodegradable solid matter, such as wet wipes, and set grease or cooking fat. Fatbergs became a problem in the 2010s, because of aging Victorian sewers and the rise in usage of disposable cloths.

Reference: Wikipedia

Helping to prevent it.

Sewer Fatberg

Sewer Fatberg


We can all help to prevent the occurrence of Fatberg by not flushing foreign objects such as wet wipes down the toilet as they fail to break apart or dissolve in water and cause blockages of which attribute to fatbergs.  Wipes that a labeled “flushable” will also cause blockages as many are not biodegradable.

Fats that solidify should be left to cool and thrown into the waste bin, for the fats that do not solidify, pour them into a sealable bag or container that is none-recyclable and throw into the waste bin.

What to do if you get a blockage from Wipe or Fat?

You call the experts to remove the blockage. Metro Rod Northampton unblocks drains on a daily basis from foreign objects, sometimes they are difficult to find, therefore we use CCTV to find out where the blockage is and discuss with you the most cost-effective and appropriate course of action to rectify the problem.

If you have a problem call Metro Rod Northampton FREE 0800 668800