You already know the signs don’t you if you live in a hard water area…..the kettle has that white crust or fur around the spout and in the bottom, cutlery and taps are spotted with white marks, some people experience dry, dull hair and dry skin, the list goes on.

What we never get to see is the deposits in our pipe work and appliances that get left behind, build up and cause “scale” that can damage and be costly to remedy in the future.

 Hard Water Map

What exactly is “hard” water?

Water supplied by Cambridge Water is all ground water – drawn from water-bearing rocks, or aquifers, under the ground. Hard water contains higher than average dissolved minerals such as calcium or magnesium carbonate. Rainwater is naturally “soft”, when it runs over rocks like slate and granite it stays this way, however, if it runs through spongy rocks like limestone and chalk, it will absorb these minerals and thus make the water “hard”. Water is a good solvent and picks up impurities easily, the degree of water hardness becomes greater with higher calcium and magnesium content.

These minerals tend to leave a build-up of deposits in our heating pipes and appliances and can cause havoc!

Problems with “hard” water

“Hard” water can potentially cause costly repairs in the long term. Water pipes and drains can become clogged with mineral deposits, reducing water flow; appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines may suffer mechanical problems as well as working less efficiently, thereby using more energy.  Minerals from hard water are released faster when they come into contact with heat, therefore appliances using heat and heating systems can be negatively affected. Limescale has been known to increase energy bills by up to 25%.

What Can I do?

Installing water softeners can very expensive. Metro Rod Cambridge can prepare carry out an annual maintenance on your residential or commercial property tailored specifically to the premises to “de-scale” the pipe work increasing the flow and keeping them clear of debris, leaves, food, fats and any other obstructions. Saving you money in the long term!

Metro Rod Cambridge uses high pressure water jetting, CCTV survey equipment and mechanical rods to ensure your drains and pipes keep flowing, maximising efficiency and energy.

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