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With people spending much more time at home it is important to take care of your drains to prevent emergency blockages that can cause disruption and unwanted costs.


Metro Rod North East have compiled their top tips for at home drain care as we believe that prevention is better than cure.


  1. Take Care what is going down your drain

Drains can easily be blocked with everyday misuse; this could be from hair in the shower to coffee granules down the sink. Not scraping food waste from plates and pans can cause blockages and also smelly sinks and drains.


  1. Invest in drain guards

We would recommend investing in shower plughole guards which catch hairs before they get in the drainage system. They are extremely cost effective and can be easily removed and cleaned.

For the kitchen you can also get drain guards to catch any food waste before it enters the drains.


  1. Catch and bin all Fat, Oil and Grease

It is very tempting to put pans with oil and fat residue straight in the sink and dishwasher but it will cause unpleasant blockages and bad smells. We would always recommend allowing the Fat, Oil or Grease to cool down the put it in the bin.


  1. Smelly Sinks

If your drain is slow flowing or smelling of food waste there is an easy at home method you can try using baking soda and vinegar. Following these simple steps:

  • Pour ½ cup measure of baking soda down your sink plughole
  • Follow with 1 cup of vinegar
  • Let the solution foam up and leave it for a couple of hours
  • Pour some boiling water down the plughole to flush everything through.


  1. If all else fails, call the experts

Metro Rod North East have over 20 years’ experience and we offer fast fixes with no drama. We are available 24/7 and have fixed price options available.

All of our engineers are Enhanced DBS checked and carry Metro Rod I.D for your peace of mind.


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