While we enjoy the summer sun, it’s important we don’t forget about our drains as they can experience quite a few problems in the summer, which are outlined below.

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The last thing you’re going to want to deal with when you’re trying to enjoy the sun are drainage problems. In the heat our drains can be subject to damage, so here are a few things that can go wrong in the sun and how best to avoid them. 

Keep Drains Clear 

It may not seem that important in summer but it is always good to keep your drains clear to prevent blockages. During the summer months there is often a lot of dust and dried debris which can get blown into the drains, not to mention the sand after trips to the beach. When it doesn’t rain for a long time then suddenly pours down you would be surprised at how much muck and dirt can be washed into drains. Regularly check your drains and clear any of the debris that you can as this will certainly help reduce the risk of an overflowing blocked drain when it starts to rain.

Hot Pipes

The majority of pipes within a drainage system are made out of plastic, and when this piping is exposed to direct and prolonged sunlight there can be adverse effects. In the hot weather the pipes can fracture and crack as a result of the UV light from the hot spells of sun. 

Similarly if the ground gets very hot, it can also crack and fracture which will put strain on the pipes and drainage system under the ground, potentially damaging it. In some very rare cases tarmac surfaces can melt and it is not unheard of for this to expose underground pipes which could be damaged.

Leaking pipes

When pipes start to leak, not only is it a waste of water, but you’ll see higher water bills and you’ll need to have repairs done which requires calling out a professional. In summer its not uncommon to see an increase in leaking pipes, as they are more likely to crack and leak when under more use and strain. During the hotter dry months you are more likely to be using hosepipes, sprinklers and filling up pools which all put more strain on your water mains pipes. So to help ease a bit of pressure of your mains water, we recommend using a water butt, or something similar, so that you can store rainwater from earlier in the year and use that for your garden instead. 


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