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The 22nd March is World Water Day and although the theme this year is climate change, this awareness day has got us thinking about the importance of water to every business.

Nobody wants the water to stop flowing in and out of their property, so we’ve created a few easy to follow tips for keeping your water moving as it should.

Only flush the 3 Ps

Not only a waste disposal issue but also a reason why drains get blocked and water stops moving. Flushing anything other than pee, poo or paper down the toilet can lead to blockages. This stops water leaving your toilets and sinks properly and causes slow draining.

When it comes to anything other than the 3 Ps, bin them. Our new toilet poster is the perfect reminder for your customers and staff.

Ensure your water pipes are insulated

Temperatures across the UK continually drop very low, year after year. Bitter frosts can lead to frozen pipes if not insulated properly. This will stop water flow to your property.

You can buy pipe insulation from your local DIY store and simply wrap up your water pipes, particularly those in your roof space or in cellars. This will help stop them from freezing.

Keep your drains clean

Cleaning your own drains is definitely a preventative measure we would recommend.

You can buy a number of drain cleaners for your sinks and dishwashers and these can help prevent smaller blockages. Using these products and avoiding food waste going down the drain are great steps towards caring for your own drains.

Have your drains regularly checked and cleaned

Although keep your own drains well maintained helps avoid water flow problems, regular checks and cleans by the professionals is the best way to keep your drains in perfect working order.

Our routine maintenance plans can be conducted as regularly as you see fit. They are designed specifically to suit your needs and can help prevent blockages that could cause water to stop flowing out of your property properly.

Don’t let a lack of water bring your business to a halt. Follow our top tips to keep your water flowing in and out as well as possible and if you’re finding yourself having issues, your local Metro Rod team is never far away!

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