Flooding can be detrimental to your home or business whether it’s a burst pipe, blocked drains or a rainstorm, so what can you do? 


In case of potential flooding you will want your property to be protected, whether it’s water coming in from the streets or directly from the pipes in your home. With this guide from Metro Rod Bournemouth you should feel more prepared to tackle the situation.

Before a flood

No matter where you live it’s a good idea to know the flood risk as this could be the difference between a prepared and protected property and a damaged one. If you know you are at a greater risk of flooding, maybe you live near a river or lake that could overflow, then it is a good idea to have some sandbags ready to use. The sandbags can help keep the water out of your property by blocking the doors and windows.

Insurance is a big part of being prepared, by making sure you have good home and contents insurance you will be backed up in case anything goes wrong.

Surface water flooding

Heavy rainfall is the main culprit when it comes to surface water flooding, but can also occur after snowfall as it begins to melt or if it has been significantly wet weather for a long period. The flooding happens when the water cannot drain away or be soaked up as it normally would which creates puddles and flooding on the ground. The problems that may appear due to this are:

  • Create a hazard which can become slippery on paved grounds or if moss begins to grow. 
  • Cause structural problems to fences, buildings, sheds if subjected to prolonged water. 
  • Damage your gardens, lawns and vegetation 

As you can see the flooding can become a real issue and could cost you a fair amount of money in repairs if it gets really bad, so you’ll want to avoid unnecessary flooding if possible. 

Some tips to avoid surface water flooding

  • Clear out your gutters – gutters throughout autumn and winter can become clogged with falling leaves which will block and prevent water from draining away. If they do become blocked then the gutters will fail at taking water away from your home and could make you more at risk of flooding. 
  • Keep drains clear – it’s not just gutters that are at risk of becoming blocked, but also drains on the ground. You’ll want to check your uncovered drains throughout autumn and after big storms as leaves and other debris can fall in and clog up the flow of water. We recommend wearing gloves and lifting out any debris in these drains and dispose of them a better way. 


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