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Tree’s they are majestic feets of nature that bring beauty and health to the world.  However underneath those beautiful leaves lays something sinister that could put  a stop to many of your plans, roots!

Roots fact file:

  • Can grow over 33ft in Depth ( 1 report of a tree root being 174ft in depth)
  • Root length can vary, but is generally 4-7x the size of the crown of the tree.
  • Some roots will regrow after they have been cut.
  • Roots will grow toward a water source, as this is what they are searching for.




What do they do to the pipework?Roots through Drainage

As stated tree roots will grow in the direction where they can find water, making the underground drainage system the ideal feeding ground.   The roots will get to this new source of nutrients in one of three ways.

  • They will find an entry point that already exists,  so any cracks in the pipework no matter how small and ingress into your pipework.
  • They will pick on the weak.  Meaning that they will find the weak part of pipework, maybe the parts that take the most amount of stress from over head traffic and will carve there way through, tree roots are not scared of breaking and entering if it is a possible solution to their problem.
  • They will apply pressure and necessary force.  So when all else fails the roots fill from around the pipe and break it,  causing a collapsed drain and a whole host of issues.




Once roots begin to ingress themselves within the pipework system, We would use  specialised cutting equipment  to remove them, if the issue is too severe then an excavation would be necessary, Patching or even re-lining would then take place where possible,  new pipework may need to be laid.

In conclusion no pipework is safe, Old or new, they are all at risk. however there is a cure!  Our team of highly qualified engineers and specialised equipment are here for you.

As roots can continue to grow after they have been cut we advise regular visits on a pre-planned maintenance programme to ensure that roots don’t continue to a be an issue. If you think that roots may be the source of your problems, get us to check! We can carry out a CCTV survey on your pipework and to find any monsters hiding in them!  Call us now!

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