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There’s often a lot of uncertainty when it comes to who the responsibility for domestic drains lies with. Is it the homeowner? Is it the whole street? Is it the council?

We’re going to answer all the commonly asked questions when it comes to drain responsibilities.

Who is responsible for private drains?

Private drains are drains that fall within the grounds of one property and are therefore the responsibility of one household.

If you own the property and the drains fall completely within your boundaries, they’re your sole responsibility. This is because blockages on your property are likely to have been caused by what goes down your sinks and toilets.

Who is responsible for shared drains?

When the drains of multiple properties meet in one place before reaching the public sewer, these are considered shared drains.

In this case, your local water authority is responsible for this set of drains. This does not mean the water company is responsible for the private drains on your property, only the shared ones.

Remember: you can find out whether your drains are shared or private by looking at the deeds for your property.

Who is responsible for the drains at a rented property?

Who is responsible for drainage issues is one of the most common disputes between landlords and tenants.

By law, landlords are responsible for a lot of maintenance and damage repair within their properties. However, this ceases to be the case if the tenant has caused the damage.

This concept applies to blocked drains. If a tenant has caused the blockage, by flushing the wrong things or pouring fats and food waste down the sink, they become responsible.

If the blockage turns out to have been inevitable and not caused by the tenant, then the responsibility falls back to the landlord.

Whether you think fixing the broken drain is your job or not, always ring the professionals at the first sight of a problem. Leaving blocked drains for too long can cause damage to a property, so get in touch with your local Metro Rod depot as soon as you think there might be an issue.

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