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Lets Talk About Roots…

Many home owners enjoy having trees and hedges in their gardens and driveways.  They attract wildlife, bring color, privacy and shelter to our outside space.  However, they also have significant root structures, and this can lead to problems.

Room to Grow?

Careful thought should be given to the planting of any tree or hedge. Size, light, spread, are important considerations.  What tends to get overlooked is the vicinity of underground pipes.  Does this matter?  You bet it does!

Free Fertilizer.

All plants like food and trees are no exception. The problem is you may be dishing out free fertilizer without realizing it!  Cracks or loose connectors in your pipes will allow vapors to escape into the ground.  Roots are attracted to these vapors, as they hold the promise of free food.  Pipes contain oxygen, water and nutrients – especially those linked to sewer systems.  To roots this is a gourmet meal. Subsequently, it can take very little time for them to burrow their way through a structurally compromised pipe.

How to Avoid Root Drainage Problems.

If you are planting new trees or hedges give some thought to where your underground pipes are located and avoid planting in their vicinity.

Take care of your drains. Avoid things that can potentially cause blockages.  Drains are designed for the disposal of just three things – waste water, toilet paper and human waste.  Nothing else belongs down the toilet or plug.

No matter our best intentions cracks or joint displacements can still occur due to age, or ground movement (often caused by traffic).  If you suspect your pipes may have become damaged contact a drainage professional such as Cornwall’s Metro Rod for advice.

What Happens if Roots Infiltrate Pipes?

When roots begin to grow inside a pipe they act as nets catching waste products and debris.  This gradually causes the pipe to flow slower.  An indicator of a reduced flow rate can be a gurgling sound coming from your toilet, or you may notice your sinks take longer to drain away.  If left unchecked the roots can ultimately fill the pipe causing considerable flow issues, debris build up and potentially complete breakdown of the pipe.

How Can Cornwall’s Metro Rod Help?

Our engineers have several tools at their disposal to tackle root infiltration.

Spinner Jets – are high pressure jet heads which break down roots by blasting water at them in a circular motion.  This system is largely used with low level infiltration or with small narrow roots.

Flail – is a flexible drill and uses metal chains to skim the surface of a pipe breaking down medium sized roots.

Cutting Blades – a high pressure jet which powers a circular blade used for clearing medium to larger roots and blockages.

Pipe Lining – where the structure of the pipe has been compromised we can offer patch lining to help prevent further damage occurring.

All our engineers are fully trained, qualified and insured. Should an emergency arise we are on hand 24/7 to assist.

If you have any concerns about roots damaging your pipes give us a call.

Tree Roots




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