Now that we are in the Easter holidays, this a useful time for schools and colleges to have their pre-planned maintenance done, ready for when the students return in a weeks’ time. It can be quite stressful for school/college members of staff when plumbing or drainage engineers are required in school hours, therefore, arranging all maintenance to be done when the kids are on holiday, is a very useful trick.

Pre-planned maintenance includes the engineers tending to all plumbing and drainage aspects within the building all at once. This is a service that we can offer to ensure that there are not any leaks or blockages around the building. Having pre-planned maintenance done will help prevent any further drainage or plumbing issues in the future. For example, if our engineers suspect that there is a specific area within the pipework that requires extra attention, our engineers will tailor their visits to ensure that the problematic area receives the attention it needs.

The first step to having a pre-planned maintenance done, it to have one our highly-skilled, professional engineers to attend the site that requires the works, and they will carry out a FREE site survey to determine what works need to be done and which areas require more attention. If there has been any previous drainage or plumbing problems, our engineers will analyse the works that were done to resolve these issues to avoid any altercations when completing the pre-planned maintenance.

Once the site survey has been completed, it is recommended that a full pipework clean-out is done to ensure that flow is at its best and to clear out small blockages. It is important to be aware of any blockages or plumbing problems before the pre-planned maintenance so that these issues can be resolved first.

A detailed, tailor-made plan will be prepared for when the pre-planned maintenance is completed to ensure that everything is being tended to and if there is anything that needs more care than the others, that will most definitely be incorporated within the plan to make sure the issues are seen to. This will also outline if any parts of the pipework will require more frequent works done to avoid any further issues.

Once everything has been put into place for the pre-planned maintenance to be carried out, the local office will enquire with the client to arrange a suitable date and time for the works to be completed. As soon as a date has been booked, one of our knowledge engineers will be assigned to the job and the works will be completed.

Pre-planned maintenance can be very handy if the company struggles to find time to fit in drainage or plumbing works, which is why pre-planned maintenance can also be completed during out-of-hours times, where there will be no interferences or issues. If you think having a pre-planned maintenance booked will help your business, contact your local Metro Rod Office and you will be guided through the process by our friendly, helpful office staff.

If you need to contact Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick for any drainage problems, blocked toilets, overflowing manholes, CCTV surveys, gutter cleaning or anything of the kind, you can call us on 01293 989 345, or complete the form on the Kent and Sussex page.