Even though Christmas is going to be a lot different compared to normal, Metro Rod Nottingham are staying open 24/7 to help you over the festive period.


Whist we may not be able to see friends and family this Christmas, here at Metro Rod Nottingham we want to ensure you can have the best Christmas possible. This means making sure your drains are well maintained and helping you avoid unnecessary problems. Winter is the time of year that can cause many problems for your drains, the drop in temperature, wetter weather and increase in use all play a part. We have pointed out some of the most common problems that we come across and the things you can do to help avoid them. 

The Common Problems to Avoid 

  1. Pipes freezing in the cold weather – as the temperatures drop your pipes and the water in them are likely to freeze and than expand. They could then crack and create leaks which will become a problem when the ice starts to thaw and melt. To help prevent this happening you could buy insulation from a DIY shop to cover the exposed pipes. Alternatively keeping the heating on a low temperature constantly will help keep them from freezing.
  2. Don’t allow leftovers to be washed down the sink – make sure you scrape all leftover food into the bin to prevent it blocking your sink pipes and drains. You can get a sink catcher which will catch any food which can then be thrown away properly. 
  3. Don’t pour fats and grease down the drain – you should always let the liquid fats and grease cool and solidify and then scrape them into the bin. If you poor them down the drain they will cool and solidify in your pipes and cause the drain to become clogged. This is important to remember over Christmas with all the turkey fats and trimmings. 
  4. Keep your drains and gutters free from leaves and debris to ensure they stay draining properly. Metro Rod Nottingham offer Gutter VACs which completely clears out your property’s gutter to keep them draining properly to prevent flooding. 

As we are still in the middle of a pandemic with local lockdowns being regularly announced, our top priority is keeping you safe while we work. We are still following the governments guidelines on social distancing, wearing full PPE and making sure all engineers wipe down any surfaces they touch.


Metro Rod Nottingham & Derby offer services from dealing with blocked drains, drain repair, CCTV surveys and septic tank maintenance. We believe in simple things and make sure we follow them through; available 24/7, professional, value for money service during and after the job and peace of mind in the fact that all our engineers are highly trained, DBS checked and fully insured.

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