Metro Rod want to help reduce disruptions to your business by helping to tailor a pump maintenance plan to you. 

pre planned maintenance

Businesses with a pump station rely on them to take waste away from the site and to the sewer lines. If this starts to fail it can be hugely disruptive and can shut down the business until it is rectified. To help reduce the chances of this happening Metro Rod Stoke are here to help tailor a maintenance plan to you and your businesses needs. 

Maintenance is essential to any part of a drainage system and a pump is no different, if a pump fails you may see leaks and an overflow of the wastewater. By having a plan in place it should reduce the risk of emergency call outs and faults occurring.

Our Maintenance Plans

We recommend planning out a maintenance check for your pump every 3-6 months which will involve cleaning. The frequency of these maintenance checks will largely depend on the size of your pump and the use it is under. A high demand pump station may need 2-3 interim services a year, whilst a low demand may only require 1 a year as well as one major service each year. Regular maintenance provides us with the advantage of being able to identify issues early on before they escalate, saving you potential emergency call outs and fixes. Within the maintenance plan our engineers will check for leaks, check the overall condition of the electrical elements, float switches and guide rails to make sure it is operating as it should be. By not having a maintenance plan you may run the risk of blockages and general wear and tear that weakens the pump. 

If you are yet to have a maintenance plan in place for your pump station then get in touch with Metro Rod Stoke who can assist you further. Preventing a problem with thorough maintenance is much better than responding to the problem. 


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