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We had recently received a call of a Blocked Drain from one of the Council properties in Newtown, Powys. They were complaining of water running into the premises and flooding the foyer. Their own engineers were unable to resolve the issue with the Blocked Drain and it was passed to Metro Rod Mid Wales and Shropshire. An engineer arrived to clear whichever Drain was overflowing. On arrival he was shown to a large Gully that had been completely filled with debris.

Blocked Everything

Walking to the next Gully on the run which was also completely Blocked. The manager was shown the Blocked Gully’s and how many needed clearing. It was explained that due to the depth of these Gullies a Tanker would be required. Firstly to vacuum them clear of debris and then high water pressure jet the lines. We were asked to reattend with a Council Maintenance Engineer. After lifting a Gully or two he completely agreed with our assessment and promptly agreed the Tanker works.

20190424082741n2w62photo 1Jetting Blocked Lines,          20190424142920n2w62photo 5 Gully’s full over debris.

Tanker Does its job.

The Tanker was used to empty numerous Gully pots and nearly all of them were full to the brim of debris. The drainage lines between Gullies were completely Blocked with mud and a heavy presence of Roots in the system. Through experience this means the lines haven’t been cleaned and maintained in some time. A lot of companies see this as a waste of money but something so simple can cost more in the long run.

20190424093752n2w62photo 3CCTV showing Roots that have completely Blocked the drainage system.

Cleared lines and flow restored.

Our engineers jetted the lines and managed to clear them all collecting a large amount of Roots on the way. The lines being clear a looksee CCTV survey was carried out. This is normal practice and showed the Drain lines were back to full working order. On leaving our engineers were happy they had restored flow to the site. This would ensure no more flooding would occur for the foreseeable future. They had prompted that an annual PPM is put in place to clear these Gully’s annually. In the following pictures you can see firstly the depth of the Gullies our engineers had to clear, Then clumps of Roots that had been removed from the Drains.

20190424085732n2w62photo 2  20190424143203n2w62photo 6  20190424095249n2w62photo 4

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A large amount of the works that we cover are big Drainage systems that have become Blocked through no maintenance being put in place. At Metro Rod Mid Wales and Shropshire we provide a free quotation, friendly service that accommodates the customer in any way possible. If you have any issues or queries don’t hesitate to call our office on 01938554050 or E-mail us on [email protected] we are  open 24/7 365 days of the year. Or visit our web page www.metrorod.co.uk/local/mid-wales/




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