A common problem, blocked drains can become a serious issue if they aren’t properly maintained and dealt with swiftly. Thankfully, if you know what warning signs to look for, you can pinpoint and deal with a blocked drain before it becomes a major headache. This will ultimately save you time and money.


Water draining slowly

The biggest sign you have a clogged pipe on your hands is that water starts draining away too slowly. This may be in a sink, a bathtub or a shower. If you’ve ever been standing in a shower stall and discovered water pooling around your legs, you know what you’re looking out for here! In tubs and showers, this is often due to a build up of hair. In sinks, it hints at deposits of grease or food waste.



Another common indicator is an unpleasant smell you can’t identify. If it’s not the fridge, the rubbish bin or something that’s been forgotten in the pantry, chances are it’s the drain. Bits of food and other organic materials can get caught in them and start to decompose, resulting in a nasty smell that needs more than water and drain blocker to remove.


Gurgling noises

Sometimes, gurgling noises from the pipes can indicate you’re developing a blockage before you ever really see other signs. Gurgling sounds hint at air trapped within your drainage system, escaping only when you run the water. If the pipe was not blocked, water would drain away quickly and, for the most part, quietly.


Strange reactions

Furthermore, if you get strange reactions when using toilets or other fixtures in your house, they serve as a further hint that something is the matter. Don’t ignore the fact that when a toilet flushes, water comes up from the drain in your bath, or when you run a tap, the toilet bubbles. Symptoms like these aren’t normal, and indicate a problem waiting to happen.

If a blockage gets really bad, you’ll know it because you’ll experience severe backups and localised flooding. Water pooling around a drain and overflowing toilets are common signs of a significantly blocked drain. Furthermore, if multiple fixtures in your home are blocked, including several toilets, bathtubs or sinks, there may be a heavy backup in the sewer drain.

At this point, a little routine maintenance is likely no longer sufficient. It’s time to call in a drain cleaning company to deal with the matter once and for all.

A professional can assist with clearing the blockage completely, by jetting out the drain with chemical foam or forcefully clearing it with a mechanical “plumber’s snake.” If there’s been damage to the pipe, that same drain company can help you salvage what you’ve got by relining it, or repairing or replacing sections.

It helps to know the signs that a drain is getting clogged, and not ignore them or consign them to deal with “later” when they begin to appear. Nipping them in the bud before they get out of control will make life a lot easier. After all, no one likes a “surprise” when it comes to their drains!

If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms in your property then it’s best to call a drain specialist, such as Metro Rod North East. Better safe than sorry! Call us today on 0191 2312310