Water should be treasured not polluted – we should be doing our best to improve water quality for our future generations.

According to the Environmental Agency, we are spending £5 billion on protecting our water yearly which provides an estimated near £40 billion benefits a year (£8 value back for every £1 invested). However, with an increasing threat of climate change and population growth, this just isn’t good enough.

Evidence has been gathered by the Environmental Agency from areas affected by pollution, resulting in prosecution of water companies. In July they published the annual Environmental Performance Report (EPA) about the performance of the water companies. “There is no getting away from the fact that performance in 2018 was simply unacceptable.” (Howard Boyd, 2019). Only 16% of England’s groundwater (rivers, lakes and seas) are close to their natural state rather than the Governments 25 Year Environment Plan target of 75%.

Water pollution is the result of transport, physical modifications, non-native species and us as individuals. We have played a very important part of the state of our water.

There are 2.307 million people in Yorkshire, and Yorkshire Water have advised that 40% of blocked drains in Yorkshire is down to us putting the wrong things down the drains We have advised previously:

“Wet wipes cause blocked drains”,

“Fats, oils and grease cause blocked drains”,

“The build-up of foreign objects in your pipes cause blocked pipes”.

However, flushing foreign, non-biodegradable objects down the toilets is causing water pollution as well as causing your blocked toilet. Tipping fats and oils down your sink, flushing sanitary items and wipes down your toilet all reduce the quality of our water.

@LoveWater is a campaign which aims to raise awareness of the importance of water and our roles in protecting it. We should want to preserve and conserve water such as our rivers, seas and oceans.

@YorkshireWater are now focussing on individuals habits when it comes to the irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable items such as wet wipes with such campaigns: Unblock against the clock etc.

Recent research by Metro Rod

Metro Rod recently undertook research with 2,000 people in employment to see if there is an imbalance between home and workplace habits when it comes to the impact of human footprint and irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable items! You can download a guide to find out more information on how you can have a positive effect on the environment both at home and at work here.

Care for your drains – don’t take them for granted! Want to let others know the importance? Download our posters for free using the links below?



If you’d like more information on blocked drains and water pollution, and you’re in the Yorkshire area, visit the Metro Rod West Yorkshire page to get in touch with our friendly team.