When the temperature drops and the days darken, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a blocked drain.
During the winter months, it’s important to look after your drains, as they are more likely to encounter problems due to the cold weather and increased use.n South we have gathered some of the best tips and tricks for looking after your drains during the winter months.

1.  Before and after you use your kitchen drain, run some cold water down it, simply to flush away any small particles that might be stuck to pipes. This will prevent a build-up of debris, which could lead to a nasty blockage if left untreated.

2.  Another tip for kitchen drains: pour fat and oil into an old drinks carton and throw it away, instead of pouring it down the drain. The cold will make these substances set even faster, increasing the risk of fat related blockages.

3.  Your outdoor drains are more likely to block in the winter months, therefore we recommend keeping them free of debris such as leaves and twigs, as you are less likely to have any difficulties if they are kept clear.

4.  Here’s an extra tip for your kitchen drain – pour some hot water down the drain every few weeks, as an extra measure to help remove any build-up of grease along the pipes.

5.  Regularly check your bath or shower plughole for any blockages, and clean with some drain cleaner to keep the water running away smoothly.

6.  Finally, in order to make sure your drains are going to survive the winter, you could have your drains inspected by an expert, just to be safe.

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