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Adding to the Fleet! | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

11th September 2019

Adding to the Fleet! | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

Receiving something new is always exciting! Especially when it's as big as this one!  We'd love to introduce you all to our new Tanker!


Lovingly painted, polished and mechanically tinkered within an inch of it's life, it has now happily made it's home here at the Deeside depot, after arriving early this morning!


So, let's meet her, our newest member of the fleet!


Our new BIG, Green Jetting and Vacuum Machine!

Our new BIG, Green Jetting and Vacuum Machine!

Our new Tanker is a 26 Tonne KILOWhale. With a Jetting capacity of 60 Gallons Per Minute, she's a beasty alright! She also features a large liquid ring vacuum pump for those stubborn drainage issues we come across in depths up to 30 metres!

Mounted on a lovely Mercedes chassis, our Ops Manager Rich has already taken her for a spin and said she'd a dream to drive! Our Tanker Ops met her this morning for a walk round, and looks like they can't wait to get into the drivers seat! It's like Christmas morning for them!


We'll soon be rolling her out to site across North Wales, Chester and Wirral to assist homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and more with their drainage issues! Tankers are an extremely efficient drainage solution, particularity for sites who run on a larger drainage system, septic tank or pump station.

Tankers such as our new KILOWhale have the capability of holding large volumes of water. So, they're ideal for jetting in remote areas where water access is scarce. Also able to hold large volumes of dirty waste, we can clear septic tanks and pump stations in one visit, no need to return!*

Another use our Tankers are becoming increasingly popular with is Flood Relief. Tankers are an excellent method for flood water relief, they provide a quick and efficient method of removal of water and other debris. Our tankers can remove up to 2000 gallons of dirty water in a matter of minutes!

Jetting Tankers are designed mostly for larger scale pipework that our normal Van Pack Jetters would struggle to clear. Large jetting capacity and longer reach hoses allows our Tankers to be ideal for those sites that rely on larger piped networks, including commercial buildings and industrial estates.


And the best part is, our Tankers are guaranteed to be at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!


So wherever you may be, at any time of day we're here for you!


We'd love to hear your ideas for a name for our new girl, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages!

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