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Our Tankers: Super Recycler

25th October 2023

Our Tankers: Super Recycler

The Super Recycler

At Metro Rod Newport, Hereford, Gloucester, and Cardiff, we are always striving for improvement. We take pride in our continuous efforts to enhance our services. We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fleet, the Bucher Super Recycler. This cutting-edge machine represents our commitment to environmental sustainability. With its advanced technology, it allows us to effectively recycle and manage waste, reducing our carbon footprint.


We believe in staying ahead of the curve, and by purchasing the second Super Recycler in Wales, we are on track to do just that. By investing in eco-friendly equipment, we are not only improving our operations but also contributing to a greener future.

Get to know the Super Recycler


Demanding jobs with little or no access to water? That’s no problem! The Super Recycler’s nine centrifugal cyclones, 6-inch suction hose, and two powerful compressors all come together to lift heavy material down to a depth of 30 metres.

The water recycling system is designed to save water as well as to protect the tank and sewer lines from excessive wear and tear. This is made possible by the centrifugal cyclones, a coarse and fine filter that cleans the water from the sludge. The sludge is separated so well that you can safely reuse it for jetting.

The 3,079UK gallon tank is equipped with a practical movable partition which divides it into two flexible compartments that change size as you jet and vacuum, keeping the water and sludge separated at all times.

The hydraulic end cover of the super recycler opens upwards thus minimizing obstructions for roads or pavements. It also houses a hand wash facility which is mounted on the side of the truck and comes with hot water.

1825 cubic feet per minute is sucked into the recycler from the sewer/drain. This is a huge improvement over the previous Recycler which sucked at a rate of942 cubic feet per minute.

The Super Recycler has a number of brand new specifications that our C140 Recycler doesn’t have, including an overpumping mechanism whihc can be used for flooding and has a stand alone pump facility which can be operated seperately. The jetting pump pushes 482 litres per minute in comparison to the older recycler 390 litres per minute and the jetting reel is 200metres, 50 metres longer than our 21 plate recycler.

The Accessories:

  • Nozzle set
  • Detachable vice
  • Hoses with couplings
  • Suction pipes
  • Reduction adapters
  • Cover hooks set
  • Suction pipe with cassette
  • Hose and end cover safety support.



Make sure to stay tuned and witness the incredible transformation of our super tanker into the iconic Metro Rod green!

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