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Cold Weather And Your Drains

10th December 2018

Cold Weather And Your Drains

Did you know the colder ground temperature can make some pipes expand and contract, unfortunately this can cause cracks and defects, which could lead to further damage, cause a blockage, bad smells. mold, dips in gardens, and even cracks to appear.

Signs & Symptoms

A slow to drain sink or toilet for example, may be a symptom that a blockage is forming which will eventually lead to complete system blockage. If your toilet, bath, or sink is draining slowly you would be wise to call out Metrorod (Norwich) as soon as possible.

It may be a blockage that can be cleared by High Pressure Water Jetting. By also using our CCTV Camera Technology we can also help identify the cause and work with you on the best way forward for repair.

Note: Beware of using chemical drain cleaners to solve a slow drain or blockage. As the chemical sit in the pipe they will eat away at the cast iron and/or PVC.


You can keep drains in the best possible condition and refraining from putting fat and grease in the pipes. Did you know that when its cold outside as fat will solidify more quickly and coat the pipes,  restricting the pipe or causing a blockage very fast We can also use sink strainers to minimise the amount of other debris such as food and hair that could possible travel into the drains. And remember only three things should go into toilets, Pee, Paper and Poo!

Other Signs & Symptoms

If you notice smelly drains, there could be a crack in the drainage system. A sewer should be air tight with the exception of vent stacks on your roof. This means that you should never smell sewer odor unless there was a crack or opening in the system.

Mold may also be a sign of a break in your sewer line. If you notice mold growth in your home accompanied by a nasty smell you could possible have a break in your drainage system that needs attention.

Another symptom of a broken drainage pipes is a dip in your lawn or uneven patio slabs. A cracked sewer main line that is consistently saturating the ground may cause soil to dissipate. This may cause your lawn to dip. Also extra green and lush patch of grass may be due to a sewage leak underground. Since sewage acts as a fertilizer for vegetation, leakage from your main line into the surrounding soil will give the surrounding grass extra nutrients that will result in a lush and extra green appearance.

More extreme symptoms of pipe deterioration include foundation issues such as cracks and settlement,  if a leak goes untreated, a void may develop under the foundation  and in extreme cases even a sinkhole!!!

Also rats and insects being present can also be a sign of a drainage system problems, that isn't a problem for Metro Rod (Norwich) as we can organise the pest control as part of the resolve.

Points To Remember

If you have a blockage, Metro Rod (Norwich) can clear it by methods such as High Pressure Water Jetting.

If there is evidence of further pipe damage Metro Rod (Norwich) can undertake a CCTV survey to identify the problem and find a way forward to help you. We can use 'no dig' technology without  excavation, but should a spade be required we will complete the works with minimum disruption to you.

If you suspect any of the above, act now before it becomes a bigger issue. Call Metro Rod (Norwich) on 0800 66 88 00 and our friendly, and experienced staff will be happy to help.





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