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Metro Rod North East’s working on being more Environmentally friendly

23rd July 2019

Metro Rod North East’s working on being more Environmentally friendly

At the moment there is a recycling revolution going on globally and people are starting to realise the impact that items such as single use plastics are having on the planet. Sir David Attenborough has said:

“Right now, eight million tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean every year… the actions of any just one of us may seem to be trivial… but the knowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are doing the same thing… THAT REALLY DOES HAVE AN EFFECT”

Here at Metro Rod North East we have re-evaluated our means of disposing our rubbish and trying to reduce our use of plastics. We noticed that there were alternative ways that we could bring into the business to try do our bit.

What we noticed. All of our rubbish in the office was going into one bin, and one bin only. That’s a lot of paper, plastic, metal and glass going to landfill and ending its potential to be recycled.

So…what did we do?

  1. Recycling Stations

We were able to change this straight away by bringing in 4 new stackable bins and created easy to read labels for all of our staff to be able to recycle with ease!

We have the following recycling options:

  • Plastics
  • Mixed paper and cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Food and drink cans

When these are full we can then take them to our local recycling depot.


  1. Batteries

Some of our equipment required the use of batteries, once the batteries were dead they were tossed in the bin.

We have bought a battery bin for all disused batteries which also has a built in tester which means we can test batteries to see if they are flat or our equipment is as fault. We have spoken to one of our local supermarkets and they have said we can give any disused batteries to them and they will get them collected along with there for recycling.


  1. Shredding

We have partnered with Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter / Rehoming Centre who can use our shredded paper as bedding for small animals such as hamsters and it also can be used as extra/emergency bedding for the larger animals.

We have also asked our team to provide any old towels / blankets as they are always needed.

We plan on dropping all of the items off in the next couple of weeks so watch this space for further updates……

Dog And Cat ShelterGuinnypig

Here is a link to their website if you want more information: https://www.dogandcatshelter.com/


  1. Printing

We are making efforts to reduce our printing. We are consciously asking ourselves “do we need to print this?”

We have a new online flipbook brochure that we can now email to clients rather than printing out.

You can click here to see our online brochure. Metro Rod Newcastle Depot Services 

Flipbook North East


  1. Water Bottles

To help reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles we have provided every member of staff with their very own personalised Metro Rod water bottle.

This will reduce the amount of plastics and also save our team some money on purchasing bottles of water.

Metro Rod Bottles Design


We have made a massive effort in trying to “do our bit” in this recycling revolution and we hope that we have inspired others to do the same.

For more information and tips about recycling you can visit https://www.recyclenow.com/


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