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Picote mini Cleaners-keeping your closed in toilet safe and pretty.

4th April 2019

Picote mini Cleaners-keeping your closed in toilet safe and pretty.

Monday rolls around, school gates are soon to be swung open and the hoards of children are set to enter momentarily.  It's torrential rain, two teachers have already called in sick and it's parents evening!  The careful plans that had been laid our for weeks  are slowly going down the pan as you become aware that due to the rain everyone will be inside all day; so there is little to no place to be able to prep and you don't have the man power to rush and do it after school.

While pacing through the corridors contemplating whether it would have been advisable to have stayed in bed this morning; a stench from the year 4 toilets comes creeping toward you, pestering your senses with a terrible foreboding that these things come in three's and the day is not getting better yet!  Only for you to discover, upon further investigation, that the toilet is having some technical difficulties that a simple plunger doesn't appear to be helping. More than likely caused by the children's incessant need to put a whole roll of toilet paper down after each of their visits.

The fear that the toilet will have to be removed, the toilet block closed and the parents evening cancelled, is very real.  Images of empty class rooms as children queue to use the one remaining toilet block haunt your vision.   However if you've rung Metro Rod that fear is more than likely unwarranted thanks to our new mini-cleaners.

The Mini-Cleaner- small but mighty!

At Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire & Peterborough we pride ourselves with having the best in the business which is why he have invested in inline cutting equipment such as our robotic and vortex cutter.  We are pleased to announce our new addition the mini-cleaner!   So what is it and why is it different?


  • High Speed Drain cleaning
  • Blockage removal
  • Connects to a range of Picote Accessories including flail chains- meaning it is exceptionally versatile
  • trusted, innovative technology


  • Lightweight and more compact,  making it easier to move and use within buildings- so only one of our wonderful engineers are needed!
  • Flexible reel enables movement round tight corners and multiple bends with the pipework
  • Thin shaft means it can clear pipework from 32mm




The ability to enter and clear such small and fiddly pipework means internal jobs in are getting done quicker and with far more ease, eradicating the need to remove toilets and other fitted bathroom furniture causing less mess, less time and less stress.  The Mini-cleaner also benefits from being water less - so will clean through the pipework without our engineer needing to fill up with water constantly, Water saving in general is always a bonus At Metro Rod we are aware of the environment and try in every instance to carry out our work as eco friendly as possible!  But this is also a huge benefit when it comes down to job efficiency, this saves us even more time, and even less mess, so we can fix your issue and be out of your hair faster than ever.

If this sounds like the resolution that you are after for your drainage issue, get in contact with us today!



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