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Rainwater Harvesting: Advantages and Disadvantages

2nd October 2023

Rainwater Harvesting: Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is where rainwater that would otherwise flow down the gutter into storm drain is collected and stored. The rainwater can be collected from a property’s roof and stored in a tank. There are 3 different types of rainwater harvesting, for example


  • Basic Rainwater System

The basic rainwater harvesting system includes stands and groundwater butts with a capacity of up to 400 litres depending on material, as a result, these can be freestanding or submersible water pumps.

Basic Rainwater System #1



  • Aboveground Rainwater System

An aboveground rainwater harvesting system are easy to install and in addition have a capacity between 800-100,000 litre. However, this depends on the material and use of the tank (commercial, industrial units or private).

Above Ground Rainwater System



  • Underground Rainwater System

Underground rainwater harvesting installation is also an option if space above ground is limited. However, this system requires excavation work as a pump will be required to redistribute the rainwater from the tank.

Underground Rainwater System



Harvested rainwater can be used for a variety of things both indoors and outdoors, for example: watering the garden, cleaning the car, flush toilets, and feed washing machines.


In addition, by harvesting rainwater, property owners can see up to 50% savings on their water bills. Overall, this investment can take 2-3 years after initial installation to see any gains?


To sum up, every type of rainwater harvesting includes advantages and disadvantages.


Rainwater harvesting can have great advantages, for example:

  •  Free clean source of water
  • Easy to install- Depending on the type you want
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Decreases soil erosion and reduces flooding
  • Reduces use of groundwater


There are also disadvantages to rainwater harvesting, for example:

  • Unreliable rainfall
  • Size of tank – Can take up valuable outside space
  • High starting cost – due to equipment and set up
  • Installation requires professional with technical skills
  • System maintenance is required

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