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Vortex Cutter- Proof that ‘Flail’ is a real word

13th February 2019

Vortex Cutter- Proof that ‘Flail’ is a real word

The range of specialised equipment that we carry as a company is extensive to say the least.  One of the most highly effective tools we carry though is a Vortex Cutter. This is an inline cutting equipment; similar to the Robotic cutter in that it saves the need for excavation,  other than that, however, this enhanced piece of  machinery is a different beast entirely.

Vortex Cutter, what is it?

A vortex cutter is a mechanical pipe cleaning device with a range of attachments that can tackle through a host of issues that inevitably unblocks drains at a rapid rate.

Using uniquely engineered flail chains and cutting heads with carbide tungsten tips to safely and effectively remove scale and heavily attached deposits without damaging the pipe and fully restoring to near original condition. we have two Vortex Cutters in our office which we use on a daily basis and are able to service any pipe size up to 9inches.

Rob Spen vortex

Cutting Heads and their purpose:

The beauty of the vortex cutter is it's ability to adapt to tackle a host of different issues. Our machines are equipped with specialist cutting heads such as:

  • Flail chains:  Specially designed chains that spin within the pipe and grind to remove heavy scale build up and intrusive roots.
  • Twister liner remover:  Which is specially designed to remove a collapsed liner it has two front brushes for stabilisation and a custom built flat drill head to pass through the pipe.
  • Lateral cutter Once the pipework has been lined this cutting head goes through the pipe to re-open the lateral connections.

How does it work?

A Vortex cutter looks very similar in appearance to our CCTV machine in that is a reel.  The reel has a piece of wire at the end of it which allows for the different cutting heads to be added.  The reel will be inserted into the drain; using mains power to make the cutting head spin and manual power to push the reel through the drain to remove obstructions, unblock the drain and smooth the internal pipe surface. This will stop the catching of debris in the drain and most importantly aid to stop future blockages.

If you are in need of assistance with your drainage, require some advice or believe a vortex may be the answer. get in contact with us now.  We are on Facebook, Linked in, twitter and Instagram! We don't mind you slipping into our DM's but you can always contact us via our Hull depot website or e-mail us directly on [email protected]


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