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18th April 2020


Wet wipes vs. drains, and the problems they can cause.

Did you know that 75% of drain blockages are caused by people flushing wet wipes down the toilet? Most wet wipes are non-biodegradable and insoluble which means when they are flushed they don’t disintegrate and instead start to clog up your drains. The disposal of wet wipes in this way is not only causing many blockages but is also starting to create an environmental emergency. 

Unfortunately many wet wipes are stating on their packaging that they are ‘flushable’ but a BBC investigation in 2018 revealed that in fact there were no wet wipes that actually met the criteria to be labeled as such. Even though they appear to flush down the toilet, like toilet paper, they wont disintegrate and will instead cling to other debris and the walls of the pipes which over time will build up to create larger, more substantial blockages in your toilet. 

The producers of many of the ‘flushable’ wet wipes insist they have met the criteria needed to use the ‘fine to flush’ logo, as they have carried out disintegration tests themselves. But luckily for our drains and environment, the only place that is now carrying out these tests, is the WRC Testing Facility. This will ensure that wet wipes are definitely up to the correct standard if they wish to gain the certification. 


Wet wipes in the home

Wet wipes are used regularly across the UK in nearly every household, there are makeup wipes, surface wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes which are used daily. The problem, as we have seen, is the disposal of these wipes. For every type of wipe we say, bin it, don’t flush it.  Wet wipes when flushed, quickly join together with other debris, grease, fat and oil which build up to create massive blockages called fatbergs. In December 2019, Thames Water removed 2 giant fatbergs from London sewers, one weighing 30 tonnes and made up of grease, fat, wet wipes, nappies cotton buds etc. 

To help prevent this happening to your home or business its important to remember when flushing the 3 Ps (Pee, Poo and toilet Paper). But should you find yourself with a blocked toilet or sink then don’t worry because Metro Rod North London are on call 24/7 to assist with any drainage issue you may have. 


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