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Drainage in Construction | Metro Rod Deeside Chester and North Wales

6th November 2018

Drainage in Construction | Metro Rod Deeside Chester and North Wales

Construction sites run to very tight schedules. From new housing developments to large scale industrial units, the day looms ever and ever closer to that all important handover day. We at Metro Rod know you want your projects to run as smoothly as possible. To ensure this you need to look at every angle and drawing in fine details. One of the most important details you should be looking at is the drainage systems of your sites.

Metro Rod can offer so many options for your construction projects, take a look below!

  • Pre-development surveys.
  • Locating and tracing drainage lines with specialist sonde location equipment. 
  • CCTV Surveying to report of the existing condition of the pipes and lines. Take a look here to look at our CCTV Services in detail.


We even offer additional services including producing drainage topographical surveys with invert/cover levels, pipe diameters, direction of flow etc. We provide all these using details CAD based drawings. 


Whilst works are taking place we can be on hand to help clear gullies and drains of any debris that sites can produce, we use our larger Tankers for these kinds of works, take a look here to find out more on our Tanker services in detail.


Metro Rod can also assist in pre-clean and hand overs to assist in helping getting your project delivered successfully back to the client on time and looking sharp! We're very experienced in working to tight deadlines.


Additional services of our include pre-slab surveys and investigation into air/water tests. 


Do you need any more reason to choose Metro Rod for your drainage?

Fully accredited, Highly Trained Engineers, Audited PPE - all the things you expect from a top contractor, we can deliver!


Rest assured we're also available long after handover day, working 24/7, 365 days of the year to assist in any blockages or plumbing issues your site may encounter.  This ensures your site continues to run freely.


Take a look at our contact details below, one of our dedicated office staff will be able to assist in putting you on track to work with the best in the drainage business in Chester, Wirral and North Wales! Don't believe us? Take a look at our Testimonials whilst you're here!

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