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New Investment: Speedylight LED System

25th July 2022

New Investment: Speedylight LED System

What is Relining?

In short, no-dig relining is a method of repairing damaged pipes by fixing a lining into the existing damaged pipe without resorting to excavation. The Speedylight LED system can repair various types of problems within a pipe, for example:

  • Leaking joints
  • Cracks
  • Root intrusions
  • Deformation


What is an LED Curing System?

A LED curing system is needed to change coatings and adhesive substances into an instant fixed-in-place solid by using high-intensity UV light. This is also known as a lining.

Sewertronics Speedylight LED system is the most versatile and commonly used LED curing system in the UK. As a result, the system has the ability to cure:

  • Standard UV glass liners
  • Felt liners

The liners have to be impregnated with UV Vinylester Resin before being flattened. In addition, to ensure an even and complete wet out the liner is infused with resin under controlled conditions.

Unlike traditional methods, the new system can negotiate bends of up to 90 degrees for a variety of different pipe sizes.

Img 3604

Benefits of the Speedylight LED System

There are multiple benefits of the new system, which previous lining methods don't have, for instance:

  • Green Technology
    This lead-free technology uses less power and energy subsequently leading to a decreased on-site footprint
  • Compact Design
    The power supply, control unit, and cable reel are all integrated into one portable package that ensures maneuverability.
  • User Friendly
    Has remote diagnostic and reprogramming capabilities
  • Tailored Solutions
    Four interchangeable heads ranging in size and style
  • CCTV Cameras
    Camera in the curing head
  • Versatile
    Used for a variety of impregnated liners

In conclusion, these benefits reduce the average time at the job site dropping from on average 8 hours to 1.3m per minute. Therefore making it 5 times faster as the LED cure time corresponds directly to the length and diameter of the pipe, contrary to heat-cured solutions.

The system has 4 interchangeable curing heads. So, the change of head depends on the length/width of the pipe or the liner material.

    Used for standard UV glass liners
  • Speedylight+
    Used for mainlines, junctions, and branches
  • Speedylight VX
    Used for verticles, junctions, and branches
  • Quickpatch LED
    Used for spot repairs

Interchangeable Heads

Methods of Installation

There are 3 main methods of installing the LED system, for instance:

  • Inversion

    Firstly, the liner is filled with resin and is then inflated into the damaged pipeline.

    Throughout the process, the liner is inverted so that the resin turns and is pressed against the pipe’s inner walls.

    After inserting the liner, the interchangeable UV head is run through the liner to cure the resin, forming a permanent bond between the  pipe and the liner.

  • Drag-in

    This method of installation must have 2 accessible manholes, one on either side of the damaged pipeline.

    The method includes tying a rope or cable to a high-pressure water jetter to make its way from one side of the pipe to the other. The rope/cable is then hooked or tied around one end of the liner, and the high-pressure water jetter is removed. Then, a winch or a team of men drag the liner through the pipe.

    The LEDrig interchangeable head is then threaded through the pipe with the UV light activated after the liner is in place.

  • Blindshot

    Specifically used when a damaged pipe has only one point of access. These can vary to, for example, a toilet or mainline, etc.

    The QuickPatch LED will be inserted into the resin-filled lining where it is secured. The equipment is then lowered into the accessible manhole where it will line the pipe from the top to as far down as needed (at most 1000mm).

    The UV light is then active for a curing time of 3-5 minutes.


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