We have recently been dealing with an issue for a customer in Shrewsbury. We had initially been called out to “investigate and unblock drains as both Male and Female shower drains are currently blocked with water ingressing onto the floors.” We attended promptly but found that the whole system was backed up. Our engineer found that there was a lot of silt backing up into the shower trays. He felt this was coming from a heavily rusted cast pipe. He proceeded to clean and disinfect the flooded flooring and we had to place showers out of order. The engineer put in a further recommendation to get all the pipework cleaned this would  include cleaning the stack and renewing some of the old perished pipework.


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Our Quotes team attended and produced a quote or the company as the nature of the job was quite difficult. Due to the height of the pipework we would need to access we would use a tower scaffolding. Along with new pipework a mini-jetter and electromec to get this issue resolved.

Emergency Call Out.

A week after processing the quote for further works that urgently needed carrying out we received a call again for an emergency call out to this premises. Same issue but this time it seemed that no one had been using the showers they had been using the sinks to wash themselves. They hadn’t realised the water was backing up through the shower trays until it was too late. Both Changing rooms were 2 inches under water. We sent 2 engineers as the water was escaping in to the office area. They managed to stem the flow of water again cleaning and disinfecting both rooms. On this occasion the facilities company for this facility accepted the further recommendation and we booked the works in for the next working day.

20190715 123031 (2) This is the pipework we would need to firstly empty and clean and then reinstate to full working order, this would be difficult as it was above a car park.

Blockage found and removed.

Our engineer set about getting all the pipework removed and trying to gain access into the stack. The stack was found to run within the cavity of the building. They were able to high water pressure jet down into the stack and a couple of metres in met resistance. This was obviously the reason for the blockage and took the engineer some time to try and restore full flow. Once the line had been cleared they reinstated all the pipework to both showers and sinks. The showers cleaned and disinfected we were able to hand over fully flowing drains. Something the site facilities manager said hadn’t happened in some time.

Blocked Drains, Showers, sinks are something we come across on a daily basis. We offer a quick clean customer friendly 24/7 service. If you have any issues don’t hesitate in giving us a call on 01938554050 or e-mail us on [email protected] we will endeavour to help you in any way we can.