Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield are no strangers to the waterways of the city. Back in 2016, Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield deployed our 26 tonne tanker to service the Arklow Vale ship, that was stranded on the shipping canal following the collapse of the new ship canal bridge. By the time we were called out, the ship had been stranded for roughly 2 months, meaning that their foul and waste water tanks were full to capacity and required immediate attention before any potential environmental disasters could occur. Leading drainage engineers were dispatched along with the specialist 11,000 litre drainage tanker unit to empty the ship’s internal waste tanks and restore the smooth running of facilities on board. You can read the full tanker services story here.


Not a fan of text-heavy content? Why not see how Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield can help with tanker services for your drainage issues here by watching this short animated video.


tanker services Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield

(Pictured: (left) Metro Rod Manchester’s Tanker Servicing Arklow Vale at the Manchester Ship Canal Bridge Collapse in 2016, and (right) Revamped Tanker at Trafford Park Ahead of Latest Canal Works)


Fast forward to January 2019, The Manchester Evening News received reports of discoloration in a stretch of the Bridgewater Canal, with the water turned cloudy blue, and was likened to “soapy bathwater”. With the affected stretch running near Trafford Park and the Trafford Centre, this fell well within Metro Rod Manchester’s catchment area, meaning we were first on the scene, again, deploying our tanker services on behalf of one of our largest facilities management clients to rectify the environmental issue and nullify any further damage from being done.

There is currently an investigation underway by the Environment Agency to determine why the canal discoloration has occurred in the first place, however Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield have done what they can to alleviate the environmental damage. We spent 3 days at site cleaning out the rain water harvesting system and the pump station, providing a massive help in reducing further damage to the area.


tanker services Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield

(Pictured: Bridgewater Canal Before (left) and After (right) Metro Rod Manchester’s Tanker Services)


As seen by both visits to Manchester waterways, Metro Rod Manchester’s tanker services allow for large scale drainage tasks. Tanker services range from the emptying and cleaning of grease traps in industrial sized kitchens, or emptying and cleaning septic tanks at rural properties, to alleviating flooded areas and cleaning out large scale gullies.

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