Problems with your drainage can be caused by a whole host of issues, ranging from blockages to collapses.  All issues can be resolved one way or another however the issue lays deep underground and hidden in a dark pipe, with drainage lines generally laying underground and above ground pipework resembling a never ending black hole,  internal defects are not generally visible to the naked eye.  This is when a CCTV (Camera survey) comes in; by putting a camera down the drain or pipe we are able to ascertain what the issues are and work out the best course of action to fix them as quickly and with as minimal disruption as possible.   We as an office hold two different types of cameras giving us the ability to survey many different diameter pipes in a range of lengths.  When would a CCTV survey be advisable though?

  • Pre-purchase drainage survey– check out the state of the drainage before purchasing your new home!
  • insurance quotes
  • Pre and post construction works 
  • Pre and post demolition works
  • Re-occurring smells/ blockages or other issues

Push Rod Camera:

The pushrod camera is a modern lightweight reel with a self-levelling full colour camera head.   The reel connects the camera to a camera box which enables our engineer to see exactly what is going on inside the drain and can reach lengths of up to 100m and starts at a diameter of 100mm.   This is a manual system where our engineer will physically push the camera through the pipework to assess any damages and code them as they go.

When and Why would you use a Push Camera?:

  • Look see CCTV survey to get a quick picture of any possible issues.
  • Smaller and shorter pipework.
  • when access is limited to reach the drainage.


Crawler Camera:

The crawler camera is a Robotic system.  The camera sits on motorised wheels which are controlled by our engineer to ‘crawl’ through the pipework.

This is a bit more tech then it’s older brother the push rod in that it has more functions so is able to get a a better look at the pipe it is going through.  With 360 degree functionality  it is able to process the entire circumference of the drain and with pan, tilt and zoom options we can provide our client with a much fuller picture of the state of their drains.  To add the cherry on top of the cake with a real of 250m this  unit has the capability of surveying 500m  in length end to end and can enter any pipe from 225mm in diameter!


When and why would you need a Crawler Camera?:

  • Larger and longer pipework
  • Bigger sites where we can gain access ( as this requires a van all of it’s own!)
  • On jobs or sites where more detail is required


I-touch explained:

When our engineers carry out a camera survey, they code the issues that they see as the camera continues through the line. (Coding: pointing out where the issues in the pipe are and what they are)

The video then gets uploaded to our ITouch system in the office where our technical mangers will go through the survey with a fine tooth comb to ensure that no defects were missed by the engineers and therefore the quotation and recommendations are the best fit for the issues.   Once this has been completed we will then send the client there own personal log in to ITouch so they can view the report and the footage along with a quotation and a detailed explanation of works required.

ITouch also has the ability to allow the client to view the video footage live while the engineer is on site carrying out the survey.


The Benefits of CCTV Surveys:

  • Ability to view the extent of issues.
  • Pinpointing the exact location of a defect.
  • Pin point issues that may cause trouble in the future, stopping a problem before it starts.
  • Before and after footage to see the benefit of works carried out.




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