Many people contacted me today at lunchtime to say that “fatberg’s are on BBC Radio 2” They all know that here at Metro Rod Norwich we are spreading the word about what you should and shouldn’t put down the drain and toilet and what an impact this has on our environment, Who remembers the Whitechapel Fatberg that became so famous that it was on display in a The British Museum

Well today the BBC reported that the removal of a 210ft (64m) “monster” fatberg which is blocking a sewer in a seaside town has begun. The congealed mass of fat, oil, wet wipes and other rubbish was discovered in the sewers of Sidmouth in December. It is estimated it could take eight weeks to remove it by breaking it down with manual labour and sucking it up to the surface.  They are using methods such as using pick axes and high pressure water jetting (HPWJ) – an environmentally friendly process that we use every day here at Metro Rod Norwich.

Fatbergs and smaller blockages can be avoided by remembering what you can put down your toilet. It is the three P’s:- Poo, Paper and Pee! For further information take a look here

Everything else should be disposed of in the correct bin, recycling where possible. Fat’s and grease left over from a cooking, often find there way into the toilet or sink drain, this will solidify quickly, especially in cold weather and restrict the drainage flow or cause a total blockage.

We all know it can be inconvenient to find a suitable alternative to remove fat and grease, but it is by far the best and cheapest way to avoid future problems. Further information about Metro Rod Norwich and our services can be found here .

If you require our services , Metro Rod Norwich can assist if your toilet blocked, septic tank emptying, blocked sink, or if you have a blocked drain outside and a whole host of drainage and emergency plumbing services, if you are unsure of the issue or how to resolve it, give us a ring here at Metro Rod Norwich on 01508 535127 8.30am-5pm or our call centre anytime 0800 668800.