Who would try and dispose of a chair leg down a drain!?


We here at Metro Rod Runcorn & Widnes have recently been made aware of the above article published by BBC Wales which outlines some of the many items that have been found to be causing blocked drains and sewers across the country, some of them are absolutely shocking!  How do people think that most of these items could be disposed of and not cause a blocked drain or sewer?!

Of course, this is not just a problem across Wales, it covers the whole of the UK as well as most of the world no doubt.
Here at Metro Rod Runcorn & Widnes we have discovered all sorts of items to be causing blocked drains and sewers that we have been asked to remedy and survey.  As can be seen on one of our other news articles recently (https://www.metrorod.co.uk/news/can-blocking-drain/) our engineers discovered beer cans and a razor that had somehow been disposed of down a toilet and were stuck in the u-bend.  We have also been called out to retrieve diamond rings, other jewellery and money from toilets, hopefully flushed in error!  We have also found on different sites that we have worked on tyres, children’s toys, pyjamas, underwear and unfortunately various animals.
One of the biggest problems that we encounter locally in Runcorn and Widnes on a daily basis when dealing with blocked drains and sewers is wet wipes.  Despite what the packaging may advise they really should not be flushed down the toilet!  Please always try to remember the ‘3p’s’ rule, the only things that should legitimately be flushed down the toilet are ‘Pee’ ‘Poop’ and (toilet) ‘Paper’. Not wipes, not teddy bears, not leather jackets, not chair legs and indeed not fruit (that may lead to another news article another day!)

Although a few years old now United Utilities made this fun and informative video letting customers know a little bit more about items that should and should not be flushed down toilets, you can view it here.  We have asked our engineers to make a similar video but unfortunately they were not willing!

Whilst here at Metro Rod Runcorn & Widnes we have the engineers with the skills and equipment to deal with any blocked drains, sewers and any other drainage problems, it really can cause completely unnecessary cost to be flushing objects that should really be disposed of elsewhere.  To find out more about Metro Rod Merseyside’s (Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes) expert drainage services that we provide to a massive variety of clients locally, from domestic customers to servicing many of our hotels, local hospitals and many schools, colleges, universities and shopping centres alike please either:

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Wipes From Drains

These wipes were recently taken out of a blocked drain, this is only a small amount!