Do we all remember this time last year?  Sandals, sunglasses and desk fans were the ‘in’ accessories, getting home from work and basking in the heat while sprawled on some form of lounger in the back garden was everyone’s  favourite past time, BBQ and salad for dinner every night was the only acceptable diet and our water bills sky rocketing as we filled the paddling pool up for the 10oth time was a necessity we were happy to pay for.

Well fear not, no need to tap into the mains this year as mother nature has got your private back garden pool dreams in hand; as a months worth of rainfall fell within a slim 4 hours yesterday and has yet to cease!  the met office are throwing around weather warning like they are going out of fashion with the likes of yellow and amber covering the majority of the UK.  Disruption to travel is not an eventuality but reality for most of us as a lot of the work force either aquaplaned or swam in to work this morning.  Slow internet is likely as is the occasional power cut as storm clouds roll in to back up the ever falling rain.

What does this mean for the drainage and guttering systems?

It is times like this when the drains and guttering that everyone forgets are there, make their presence known.  Our drainage systems are built to deal with have rain fall and general awful British weather, however with an onslaught as vast as the one we are currently facing do not be surprised if you see them struggling.  most of the issues we see during torrential rain will clear up when the rain does and the drainage system is able to catch up such as:

  • Over flowing surface water drains/gullies
  • Overflowing gutters

These issues are more than likely just down to the sheer volume of rain in such a short time and will correct themselves.   However this level of rainfall can cause issues that are far more sinister!

  • Cracked gutters- Rain water can be heavy and as your PVC guttering takes a battering from it, if they haven’y been clearing a while or well looked after weather such as what we are facing now can cause them to break.  Read out guide to gutter maintenance here.
  • Pump burn outs- our drainage systems are managed by pumps, these pumps are electrical and push the waste and water into the correct place.  If these pumps are old, not been serviced or not work as they should, heavy rainfall is when you will find out.  When a pump station stops working this backs up all the drainage lines which connect into which could run for miles.
  • Flash flooding-  Large amounts of debris finds itself in the drainage system when there is sever rainfall,  branches fall from tree’s, gravel gets washed from the drives as does rubbish from the road and they all end up in the drainage system, causing blockages ad meaning the water has no where to go, this causes flooding which can end up at your doorstep.

Flooding Heavy Rainfall

When Prevention isn’t an option anymore, How do we cure?

We at Metro Rod always advise that prevention is better than cure, however in situation such as these, we are already in the thick of it so best set into motion the old faithful, damage control!

  • Keep an eye on surface water near drains that is growing.  If the puddle on the road is staying consistent in size then chances are it will filter away when the rain calms down, however if you notice that it is growing at a fast pace then you need to give us a call so we can clear the blockage and remove the excess water!
  • Watch your guttering for signs of breakages.  Gutters can only hold so much water so they will over spill during times like this however if they appear to be gushing or the gutter is misshapen in anyway then this needs resolving, we can repair and clear the guttering to get you back on track.
  • Loss of toilet facilities,  this could be a simple blockage or could be down to pump failure, either way we can resolve the issue, so keep an eye and call us the moment you become aware of the problem.
  • Car park flooding,  We have seen this a lot in the last few days, if you’re car park looks more like a swimming pool give us a ring we can attend with one of our tankers to remove the excess water and clear any blockages that may be obstructing the water flow.

In conclusion:

looking at the Met office, it looks like this rain is in for the week.  As mentioned there are weather warnings out so please be careful on the roads and give plenty of time to get to your destination. All jokes aside surfing to work is not advisable!  If you become aware of flooding on the road, in your car park or outside you’re home contact us or your local water authority.  keep safe out there,  and remember the bonus of this.. we are all avoiding the horrendous sun burn that we had to endure last year….