A brilliant idea for dog poo to be turned in to power, yes fuel to lighten up the street lamps. So instead of treading on it or having to deal with blockages from discarded dog poo a British inventor has created a machine where you can bung the poo after your morning dog walk and the contents is broken down to produce methane to fuel the light. Clever, no more poo blocking up gutters and drains on foot paths.

Like us the inventor became cheesed off with the constant site of plastic bags hanging around so after three years of work on his nifty machine 10 full bags will power up a street lamp for around 2 hours.

The next step is to get others on board after funding was found from the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – so perhaps our own AONB’s here in Dorset and Cranborne might be interested.

Animal poo as been used as fuel for hundreds and hundreds of years and since 17th century we have known how to get flammable gas from this matter. Massive size power plants have been producing electricity from animal poo and human sewage for a long time.

So let’s hope it catches on and we can enter 2018 with a mission for our footpaths to be dog poo free.

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