Pre-planned maintenance can definitely be overshadowed but is something that can save a lot of money.


The most helpful aspect of pre-planned maintenance is that it helps prevent an issue before it arises hence why it can also be known as ‘Preventative Maintenance’.

If we notice that the pipes are; wearing, cracking, overflowing or reaching the end of their life, we can stop this issue there and then, which will mean that no further issues will rise, such as the drains bursting and water and waste leaking into the earth around them. If this happens, the Earth around will become contaminated and if this happens over a long period of time or a large amount of water, then the Earth around can begin to wash away meaning that the pipe is then not supported. This can result in ‘joint displacement’ and the pipe will concave.

preventative maintenance


Another benefit is for clients who deal with a lot of grease, fats and foods, their drains can block up much quicker. If the grease and fats are being washed down a sink, they result in clinging to the sides of drains and creating things called ‘Fat Bergs’.

This is a build up of grease and fat down a drain which stops the water and waste from being able to flow through the drains and causes severe blockages. If they had pre-planned maintenance, then this problem would not have happened as we would have been maintaining the drain, frequently cleaning them and getting rid of the grease and fat build up meaning that the fat berg would not have formed. Fat bergs have also seen to be traveling into streams and rivers in the local areas, this is resulting in the water to become contaminated and will start killing wildlife and animals.

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How does it work?

If you are interested in pre-planned maintenance, here is what will happen:

Step 1- We will make a visit to you to carry out a survey and see what would be of a high concern.

Step 2- We will recommend an initial clean of the drains to make sure that the pipe work is at full flow and highest performance.

Step 3- A tailor made programme will be made to show what will need frequent attention.

Step 4- Set a day and time to carry out work.

Sometimes, when your drains block up, it can cause a lot of hassle, especially if you are in a large business as it will disturb your day. With pre-planned maintenance, you can choose a day and time that works for you which will cause less disturbance and more convenience.Pre Planned maintenance

Metro rod have completed over 150,000 jobs and 92% of them are completed in one visit. This means that there will be less disturbance for you.


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