According to property website Coreco, there is really no best time of year to be buying and selling property. Every season has it’s pros and cons. We’re going to discuss your property’s drains and why you need a CCTV Survey if you’re thinking of selling or buying a home.

According to their article, Summer is not an ideal time to be looking into buying. This is the time most people spend on holidays and generally spend less time at home. However, this is a good time for people to be gardening. Along with generally sprucing to have the house fit for sale in the Autumn. Autumn is a very popular time for property buying and selling.

If You’re Selling Your Property

Getting your house spic and span ready to put on the market can be a timely and costly endeavor. After all the hard work on the property you want to know that the new owners don’t come across anything nasty that you may have forgotten to look over.

This is where we at Metro Rod can come into play and help with your property sale! Drain Surveys are a great way to ensure that the drains on your property are running at the best capacity and clean throughout.

You want your sale to go through as smoothly as possible. So don’t let damaged or blocked drains cause an issue. If anything is found during your purchasers survey it could mean your sale taking longer or even not at all.

We are able to attend your home to undertake CCTV surveys to help ascertain the root cause of any drain problems in your home, whether that be extensive repair work is needed or something as simple as a blockage requires jetting with our specialist High Pressure Water Jetter. We are also able to service Septic Tanks if you live a bit further out in the sticks and rely on one. Drainage issues that aren’t solved can affect the price of your home or you may be forced to fix these once the sale has gone through and you no longer own the property.

If You’re Buying a Property

On the other hand if you are buying a home and find that your drains are not up to a home buyers surveyors specifications this can sometimes be costly for you to repair if the previous owner or your insurance will not pay for. We can come in before you go through with the sale and complete a CCTV survey. If you have tree roots or broken drains we can find the issues sooner. From the CCTV Survey we are able to produce a report and further recommendations for repair work.

We hope you take our advice and contact us on the below information should you need us when going through your buying or selling process!

Blocked and Damaged Drains can affect your chances at buying or selling a home!

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