Thank you to Bethany Wymark for this fantastic photo of Lady Julian Bridge in Norwich today as featured in EDP. We all know it is cold, but temperatures dipped to -8°C overnight which made parts of our region colder than Edinburgh.  … And on top of that we have thick fog too!

We knew chilly times were coming, but what is the best advice now it is here?

1, Keep your heating on.

2, Lift the loft hatch if possible to allow warmer air to circulate in your roof space.

3, Keep internal doors slightly open to allow air movement throughout the house.

4, And this is a new one to me! Keep the cupboard door under the sink open (if safe to do so).

5, If you are away from your house for any period of time ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property and to turn the heating on and off.

6, Keep an eye on the weather forecast

7, Check that you know where your stockcock is and how to turn the water off if you need to.


Taking care of your pipes.

Frozen pipes which are located in either the roof space or under the sink, gently warm using hot water bottles, do not apply direct heat.


If you have a burst pipe

Turn off the mains supply immediately at the stopcock. Metro Rod can assist with burst pipes 

Metro Rod Norwich can assist if your toilet blocked, septic tank emptying, blocked sink, or if you have a blocked drain outside and a whole host of drainage and emergency plumbing services, if you are unsure of the issue or how to resolve it, give us a ring here at Metro Rod Norwich on 01508 535127 8.30am-5pm or our call centre anytime 0800 668800.