The problem with scale…


Silently building up over time, scale is often not thought of as an obvious cause of blockades in drainage but it can in fact be one of the most troublesome. Depositing itself on insides of the pipework, scale gradually reduces the efficiency of your drainage system by significantly reducing the diameter of your pipes and hence blockages begin to occur.


What is scale?

Scale is essentially the build-up of deposits in the drainage system, usually comprised of either limescale or uric crystals which solidify, lining the edge of the pipes and reducing the internal diameter of the drain. Over time, this build up hardens and solidifies onto the edges of the pipe, reducing the internal diameter until waste is unable to efficiently move through the system. This hardened deposit can often become very difficult to remove and if left for an extended amount of time, specialist equipment is even needed to remove the deposits.


How does scale effect your drainage?

A small amount of scale wont usually impact your drainage system too much, but over time a significant amount can build up and eventually reduce the diameter of the pipe dramatically, reducing the capacity for waste to move through the pipes. Similar to the rings of a tree, these layers gradually build up on top of each other, and pipes that were installed with a diameter more than capable enough to cope with normal usage, gradually reduce until they are no longer fit for purpose! As the pipes become smaller and smaller, waste is unable to pass through and materials can become snagged – this is when blockages will begin to occur.



How to remove scale…

Scale can often be very difficult to remove and many people resort to the use of chemicals, which aren’t usually recommended by professionals, however here at Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire & Peterborough we are equipped with the latest in scale removal technology –


  • Vortex cutter

The vortex cutter is one of the most used pieces of equipment when it comes to scale removal. This high tech machine is inserted into the drains and a nozzle with a range of attachments depending on the type of blockage, is spun at exceptionally high speeds, essentially cutting through the scale and breaking it up into smaller pieces. This opens up the pipework once more, and the smaller pieces can then be dispersed with the use of a high pressure water jetter.

  • Mini vortex

One of the latest additions to our arsenal against scale is the mini vortex machine. A smaller version of the big cutter, the mini cutter can work its way through smaller diameter pipes such as sinks, in order to efficiently remove build up in no time.

  • High pressure water jetting

One of the simplest ways of tackling scale is with the use of our trusty high pressure water jetters. These super powerful water jetting machines blast water at between 3000 and 4000 psi, which is double to amount of the UK’s leading domestic jetter! Water is blasted through the drains to break up scale and carried away, allowing waste to one again more through the system efficiently.


Managing scale

Pre-planned maintenance plans are one of the best ways to combat scale in the long term. By planning visits throughout the year to carry out routine maintenance, the time in which scale has to collect is reduced and therefore the opportunity for significant build-up is eliminated. By keeping on top of the amount of scale building in the system, the occurrence of routine blockages can be significantly reduced and therefore the efficiency of your business is kept to an optimum level.

To discuss our pre-planned maintenance schemes, please feel free to contact our office where one of our technical managers will be able to talk you through the packages we offer. Call us now on 01472 859895 for more information.