Does DIY plumbing do more harm than good? Does a blocked toilet mean you did something wrong? Is cat litter flushable? These questions are just some of the answers this article aims to answer alongside making the jobs of plumbers much easier.

You may want to read on further to find some of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Should You Reach For the drain unblocking chemicals?

Absolutely not; these chemicals rarely get the job done for you. Alongside being very dangerous and harsh to handle on your own, they may also damage your drain pipes and any equipment that is used in order to clear these blockages. At Metro Rod (Aberdeen) we have seen some horrors, from melted plastic pipes, to burn marks on skin and on one occasion a customer managed to drive a spring gun right through the pipework.

Other than wasting your money on these chemicals and future repairs, you could probably start with preventing blockages. Some basic and notorious substances that clog these systems are hair and grease.

Treating Your Toilet like a Garbage Can

We see it all the time at Metro Rod (Aberdeen). Blockages caused by so called flushable items. If something is labelled ‘flushable’, it probably isn’t. The list of un-flushable items can include cleaning-wipes, make-up remover pads, feminine hygiene products, toilets scrubbers and of course – cat litter. These and many more supposedly ‘flushable’ items are meant to disintegrate – which naturally doesn’t happen in every case.

The Famous DIY

Even though some websites will be of the opinion that you can save money by following a DIY how to, your plumber wishes you wouldn’t. This is because expert plumbers like Metro Rod (Aberdeen) engineers have more experience on the best and most effective methods of repairs; which will save you costs in the long-term.

Drop-In-Toilet Fresheners

You may love the blue water it leaves in your toilet bowl, but these tablets are also chemicals. Parts inside your toilet tank may start wearing out due to these chemicals causing long-term issues. In terms of short-term issues, these tablets can actually get stuck in a flush valve resulting in toilet flushes failing to work.

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