Blocked Drains at Food Production Warehouse

20th November 2017 - in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Preston, Wigan

Metro Rod carries out work in the area of Burnley the most recent job being a Food Production warehouse with reports of blocked drains on site.

Once our engineer arrived on site he could see that they were having trouble with 2 blocked gullies and 1 blocked Aco drain the main cause being a blockage that was present downstream from external inspection chamber, after using high pressure water jetting to remove the debris our engineer carried out a dye flow test, CCTV look-see and drain tracing to make sure that all the food debris was gone once he was sure it was clear and free flowing he disinfected the pipeline to leave it clean fresh and working at full efficiency.

All our engineers are trained to the highest Health and Safety Standards so you know that you are in safe hands for more information on our services or for a no obligation quote call our office on 01942 221804

Food Production Warehouse

Caustic Soda Blocks Drains at Fitness Gym

20th November 2017 - in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, North Manchester, Preston, Wigan

Metro Rod (Mid-Lancs) recently carried out Drainage works on a Fitness Gym in the area of Bolton, they had reports of blocked urinals in the establishment, upon our engineers arrival he found that the urinals were completely blocked due to 100% Scale Build Up in the Pipelines with Caustic Soda to be the Cause. Although Caustic Soda is regularly used as a Drain Un-Blocking agent in some cases it can create more of an issue by solidifying thus creating more of a blockage. Our engineer carried out Electro Mechanical Cleaning and High Pressure Water Jetting with our Mini Jetter to remove the problem Scale and Caustic Soda to leave the pipelines in a free flowing condition. As our last visit was the same in nature only 4 months previous our engineer put in Further Recommendations for a PPM so that the urinals can be cleaned on a 3 month basis to eradicate the use of Caustic Soda so this problem won’t keep recurring.

A Metro Rod PPM; Pre-Planned Maintenance is a Tailor Made Programme Which is used to prevent recurring problems within your Drainage System if you would like more information on our Tailor made PPM’s you can call us on 01942 221804

Fitness Gym

Calm Carmarthen

16th November 2017 - in Carmarthen, Neath, Pembroke, Swansea

Engineers attended a property in Carmarthen for a Blocked Drain. When they got to this property they knew it was more than just a blocked drain.

They High Pressure Water Jetted the line and then used the CCTV Drainage Camera to see what was causing this big blockage. They saw that the line has multiple cracks which was causing debris to catch on to the cracks and started building up.

Engineers came back to put a Liner in and the drain was then free flowing again.

Metro Rod Mid Lancs Feeling Proud

16th November 2017 - in Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Preston, Wigan


After receiving an emergency call out to a local service station, Steve Hodgson and Tom Woodcock were faced with a full site foul blockage, causing internal flooding.

As the events unfolded it became apparent that site would have to close due to the disruption of the flooding unless Metro Rod could come up with a solution, this was to utilise the combination tanker to over pump from an external manhole chamber and carry out a full internal foul flooding clean, this kept the service station operational while all blockage issues were cleared. Our engineers realised this was going to be more of a team effort, due to the unusual cause of the blockage, which was only made apparent once the tanker had cleared the excess foul/flood water, see the bizarre photograph below. Our Operations Manager, Sean Phelan and Senior Engineer, Mick Hodgson were also there to lend a helping hand.

After a long hard days graft in our unpredictable winter weather, the team rectified the issues and completely unblocked the site leaving it free flowing.

We would just like to show our appreciation and say a big well done to our lads for their camaraderie and team work!!

Local Service Station

Domestic HPWJ

13th November 2017 - in Carmarthen, Neath, Pembroke, Swansea

Earlier this week our engineers headed out to Swansea as we had a call from a domestic client asking us to attend there property as the drains were blocked and over flowing.

When the engineers arrived on the property they couldn’t believe how much water was on the domestic drive! They began by High Pressure Water Jetting the man hole and Mechanically Clean it. After two hours of hard work the blockage was removed and water was slowly draining away. Full flow resort and cleaned the area. The Client was so happy she made the engineers a cup of tea and gave them biscuits for the van.

Warings Furniture “Friendly and Efficient”

3rd November 2017 - in Norwich

Thank you personally for your friendly and efficient service today I could not have asked for more,  Graham found that the engineer that attended the property was professional and helpful and had a great attitude he resolved the initial problem and also provided advise on preventing further problems in the future so full marks all round.


PA to the Director - Warings Furniture

Large Supermarket Chain Praises Metro Rod

17th October 2017

We are proud of our reputation to provide our clients a safe, professional & honest service day and night. When our engineers worked through the night for a large supermarket chain, preventing further loss of stock and maintaining trade, we were delighted to receive their feedback…”Thanks to Metro Rod guys Trevor and Andy, finally got some good guys in who got the job done”

Efficient, pleasant, polite and very helpful

2nd October 2017 - in Norwich

“Thank you to Metro Rod for coming so quickly to clear roots from our drains and putting in some Pipe Lining. Your employees were efficient, pleasant, polite and very helpful from the phone call to the work being done, and I will keep in touch for a check next year. Thank you.”

Mrs Bryant - Domestic Customer