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Metro Rod Supports Local Schools’ Walking Buses

6th January 2022

Metro Rod Supports Local Schools’ Walking Buses

As part of our commitment to supporting local schools and the communities in which we operate, Metro Rod and Metro Plumb are sponsoring school walking buses across the UK.

Our support will see hi-vis jackets provided to over 900 children encouraging them to “Be Bright, Be Green, Be Seen” throughout the Autumn and Winter months and continue to walk to school to help reduce carbon emissions.

By walking to school, it can help reduce emissions from greenhouse gases and take cars off the road which also helps prevent silt from entering the drains causing a blockage. When heavy rainfall occurs, drains that are filled with silt and debris build-up cannot carry the excess water. The water has nowhere to go and as a result, can lead to surface water flooding and damage to roads or nearby properties. By walking to school or work and making other small but impactful everyday lifestyle changes, everyone can help reduce carbon emissions and climate change and the adverse weather events it causes.

Metro Rod and Metro Plumb have also produced an interactive education leaflet to help build a child's understanding of how small changes can help reduce carbon footprint.

A selection of the schools we have supported can be seen below:

Be Bright, Be Green, Be Seen


The schools supported include: 


As well as many more primary and pre-schools who will be supported by our franchisees across the UK in the coming months.

To find out more about our CSR policy and the support we provide to local communities, view our corporate social responsibility page.

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