Polite Engineer

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Excellent, very prompt service and polite engineer.

First Wessex

Polite and Knowledgeable

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

I found this young man very polite and knowledgeable. Knew what he was doing. Would recommend.

Mrs Harper

Electro-Mechanical Cleaner

8th January 2017 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Oxford

We received a call on a Sunday from a popular high street clothing store in Banbury. They had a problem with their customer urinals leaking due to a blockage. We dispatched our on-call engineer Mark right away to fix this.

On arrival he found 3 urinals that were blocked. He removed the wall panels behind the urinals in order to make access and found the rodding point. This is a section of pipe with a removal cap that joins the main waste pipe in order to allow us to feed cables from our Electro-Mechanical Cleaner into the pipes. This is exactly what Mark did; he removed the cap and fed the EMC cable into the main pipe in order to disturb and break up the blockage. He removed several pieces of scale that he had been able to dislodge, and therefore he ascertained that this was the cause of the blockage. Scale build up is the number one cause of blockages in urinals, but it is one that does not take long to resolve—patience and a thorough clean of the pipes will remove the scale and allow the water to flow freely again.

Once the scale was removed Mark tested the flow and found it to be flowing freely through the pipes from all three previously blocked urinals.

He explained everything that he had done to the manager and this is what she had to say:

“Detailed explanation given and advised further action”

High Street Store in Banbury

Pin pointed the problem

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Most helpful. Has pin pointed the problem quickly and provide a remedy.

Mrs Potter

HIGHLY recommend

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Well managed, respectful contractors. Extremely helpful and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.

Mr Thompson

Great work

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Great work, quick and did not disturb running of the shop.


Good result

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Engineer vacuum was a godsend. We were bailing for two hours. Work excellent. Good result.

C.E.T Ltd

Friendly & Efficient

8th January 2017 - in Southampton

Excellent quick work. Friendly & efficient. I learnt a bit about drainage too.

Mr Tear