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Definitely use again!

2nd July 2018 - in Birmingham

A first class service delivered by one of your engineers.

He turned up on time, was extremally polite and cleared the drains with no issues nor disruptions!

Thank you for your service!

Mr Price

The Metrorod Engineer Was Very Helpful and Efficient

29th June 2018 - in Norwich

I called recently to report a blocked drain on my property in Norwich, Metrorod were out the same day, within a couple of hours in fact which was earlier that anticipated. The engineer who attended was very helpful and efficient, he unblocked the drain, and left if free flowing.

Mr Parnell

Polite and Professional

28th June 2018 - in Birmingham

I would just like to leave some feedback about the visit we received from your engineer Dan today.
From the moment he arrived on site he was polite and professional, wearing a clean company polo shirt and driving an exceptionally clean van.
I walked Dan around our site and told him about the issues we were having he then set up his equipment and got to work, whilst on site he observed all of our health and safety requirements and followed them to the letter.
I noted that he was also following your health and safety policies by making sure open manholes had cones around to prevent accidents and also kept his work area very clean.
After some very hard work on an exceptionally hot day he completed what was asked and was very thorough with his explanation of the work he had carried out.
I cannot praise Dan enough, you should be very proud of this him and how he conducts himself whilst working on customers premises, he is an excellent ambassador for Metro Rod and I would ask that you again pass on our thanks for a job well done.
Keep up the good work!

Roy - Van Monster

Going the Extra Mile

25th June 2018 - in Morton-In-The_Marsh

We were called out to a house with a blocked toilet. Our engineer arrived and inspected the troublesome toilet and set about clearing it. This was relatively straightforward and he was able to clear it, however after flushing the toilet to test he discovered there was a secondary blockage further down the line. He went downstairs and outside to the manhole in the back garden, where the new problem was occurring. He cleared this blockage and tested the line, finding that it was now flowing freely and clear. This was good news, however he suspected there was a reason for these blockages and that it could be that the line was running flat, not allowing gravity to assist the flow towards the public sewers. He couldn't be sure of this without a closer look, so explained to the home owner that he would recommend that a CCTV survey be carried out to explore the problem further.


The homeowner was very pleased and said this about him: "Tony provided an excellent service. Professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you so much. P.S. He went the extra mile!" 

Insurance customer


25th June 2018 - in Witney

Our engineer attended a cinema who were having problems with their urinals, which were blocked. Upon investigating the problem area, our engineer found the offending urinal and removed the trap, which was full of scale. Uric scale is a common problem in urinals and often the cause of blockages. The trap was cleaned and the scale removed, and then replaced. At this point a leak was detected, and when he looked into this he found that a seal had split. This was removed and replaced with a new seal.

Following the cleaning of the trap and replacing the seal, the next step was to clean through the pipework with the Electro-Mechanical Cleaner and then the pipework was checked to see if it was flowing and it was.

Throughout his visit he kept the site informed of his progress as requested and they were happy that "full explanation of work carried out. Very pleased." 


X Marks the Spot

21st June 2018 - in Oxford

A call came in at 8pm from a church in Oxford, though they requested that we attend in the morning, which we were happy to do. We sent David out the next day. The problem was three blocked manholes so David went to the furthest manhole to jet with his High Pressure Water Jetter, as he hoped this would clear the blockage and all three would start to flow again. Despite his best efforts he could not reach the blockage, which he was trying to get to from a blind connection from this manhole. As the building by the manholes was a new addition to the church, David asked if there were any plans on site and there were, which is always helpful! The plans revealed a manhole that was not visible previously. David dug in the location and underneath five inches of dirt was the missing manhole. This was quickly opened and jetted and this time he was able to reach the blockage and break it up, allowing the other manholes to flow again.


The customer was very pleased: "Relentlessly persevered! Awesome!" 

St Andrews

My Customer Was Amazed.

21st June 2018 - in Norwich

Thank you for your excellent service that Metrorod Norwich have provided. I called the office yesterday and we had an engineer out and on site within a couple of hours.

Soon after, we received a very detailed breakdown of price and an clear description of the works required. I spoke with my customer this morning and she is amazed at the speed of the service and the very reasonable quote. Needless to say my customer has authorised Metrorod Norwich to carry out the works.

I am very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Metrorod Norwich

Paddy Gallagher, NGPM Builders

Legends of the drainage industry

20th June 2018 - in Gloucester, Hereford, Newport

Our engineers attended a property in Crickhowell to deal with a blocked drain - as with many customers we encounter, they had already utilised the services of another drainage provider who had failed to rectify their problem completely.

The engineers carried out some drain tracing prior to high pressure water jetting of a blocked manhole - after clearing the blockage we used our CCTV drainage camera to inspect the pipework. Our investigate skills paid off - we found a damaged section of pipework that had been the cause of the customers repeated blockages. We quoted to fix the problem and returned to the property the following week to carry out the repair - leaving the customer safe in the knowledge that her drainage problems had come to an end.

"Your engineers came out to my property and did an amazing job sorting out the blocked drain in my garden. Then went above and beyond what other companies had done previously - and after a lot of drama and problems they found and solved the problem once and for all. They are legends! Thank you once again."

Mrs Edwards - Crickhowell (Received via facebook)

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