We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

Telford Tenant Toilet Trauma

29th August 2018 - in Mid-Wales, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Telford

We have received another nice letter from a customer in Telford Praising one of our Drainage engineers. The engineer was called to a blocked and overflowing Toilet. On investigating the problem he plunged it but the water level didn't drop. He then decided to remove the Toilet to get a good look in and down the stack. A large pile of tissues was found and was the obvious cause of the blockage. After adding water and trying to cut at the mass to break it down he was able to punch through the pile and eventually get it washed away. The Toilet was reinstated and flow fully restored to the relief of the customer.
The customers letter wrote "I wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the service and cost. My tenant was grateful and I am as well to your member of staff. He provided an excellent service. I would also like to say I think the price is reasonable for your call out and resolving the problem, I will definitely use your company again."

We never get bored of having compliments like this at Metro Rod Mid Wales & Shropshire and it give our engineers a real boost too. If you have any blockages or drainage issues we cover all of Telford, Shrewsbury and Mid Wales.

Helpful, Kind and Thorough

29th August 2018 - in Mid-Wales, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Telford

Had a lovely call in the office today from a happy customer in Shrewsbury. The customer was praising one of our engineers for being Helpful, Kind and thorough. We were called out to a complaint of a blocked kitchen Drain. On arrival the engineer investigated what could be causing the problem. On working downstream from the Drain found a manhole which he found to be blocked mainly with fat and tissue. This line lead directly to the Septic Tank. He proceeded to high water pressure jet the line all the way to the Septic Tank and then up to the kitchen Drain as to ensure full flow.

We are very proud of our engineers and over the moon when compliments are made towards them.

Paul and Reece Praised for their work

22nd August 2018 - in North East

Can you please pass on my highest regards to the two engineers you sent to site as they were brilliant. During their visit they abided by all my clients rules of safety and conduct and have completed the work to an excellent standard. Well done

Domestic Customer

5* Star Service in Newbury, Berkshire.

22nd August 2018 - in Reading, Slough, Swindon

Five Star Customer Review For Pipe Cleaning Works.
Our engineers were working at the Vodafone HQ in Newbury, carrying out cleaning of the stacks on site.

These works had be done OOH (out of hours), which was devised into five night shifts throughout the week. Upon completion of the works, our clients had this to say:

"Can you please pass on your thanks to the two engineers that came to site last week for the stack clean.

Sam has nothing but praise for the standard of works completed by the two engineers.

It’s really refreshing to have sub-contractors come to site and give a 5*service.



Supervisor, Engineers, Technical Facilities Management"

Professional Approach from Drainage Engineer

22nd August 2018 - in North East

Drain Inspection Review
The engineers routinely inspect all different drains. Whats Great is getting feedback for everyone involved that make our services happen.

"I would like to say that we have received a good service from your company, including the professional approach from the worker who came to inspect the drains and the prompt service we have had from the office staff."

Domestic Customer - Cramlington

“Can’t Fault The Service”

21st August 2018 - in Cornwall

"Engineer polite and cracked straight on with the job" says Mr Clay from Falmouth.

Our engineer was called to his home when the customer reported a blocked sink and toilet. The engineer used high pressure jets to clear the drains and restore normal flow.  Mr Clay gave us a 5-star review and added that you "can't fault the service".

Here at Cornwall's Metro Rod we pride ourselves on our customer service and no matter the drainage problem we have a solution for you.


Mr Clay - Falmouth

CCTV Survey Review

21st August 2018 - in Bury st Edmonds, Cambridge, Kings Lynn

5 * Review of our CCTV Drainage Survey
Mr Williams in Thetford, Suffolk recently reviewed our CCTV Drainage Survey for his property. Our Engineer was called to undertake a CCTV survey of a drain at the property which included a building extension as there was a problem with a blockage from the main drain.

Mr Williams said of our service "you did exactly what I wanted, you couldn't have done more for me - 5 stars!"

Thank you for the review!

At Metro Rod Cambridge, we have invested in  iTouch Technology which enables us to perform this camera survey quickly and effectively sending the report straight to a web portal. This report includes a full colour video, images, any site sketches, and when applicable, recommendations with the full cost breakdown of repairs.

To learn more about the full range of CCTV Surveys we can provide see  https://www.metrorod.co.uk/services/cctv-drain-survey/

Call our office to book yours today on 01353 659047

Email [email protected]

Park Home Perfection!

21st August 2018

5 * Review from a Park Home Owner
We attended a local #parkhome in Ely this week and received a 5* review from the owner who had a #blocked toilet and drain that began to cause unnecessary problems. When the toilet was flushed, the flow had begun to back up in the shower - not a nice problem to have at all. Our engineer attended prompty, in fact the owner commented we arrived earlier than expected!

The Owner comments "I wish I could give you 6/6 stars because there is no doubt you have provided me with an excellent service, it is not often these days I can give out praise to workmen! Your lad was so pleasant, so on the ball with the work in hand and if it happens again, I would without a doubt use you again"

We couldn't have asked for a better reivew - thank you!

For more information on our services check out www.metrorod.co.uk/cambridge

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