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Outside drains can fill up with debris and become clogged, so use this step by step guide to clear the drain and prevent damage. 


Blocked drains can be frustrating and can lead to flooding and bad smells, usually you’ll find them occurring in pipes for sinks and toilets. But it blockages can also occur in your outside drains which will eventually lead to problems. There are a few steps you can take to solve the problem and get your drains flowing again. 

Step 1: Assess The Problem 

You need to assess the problem by accessing your drain however possible. This might involve removing the drain cover, you might need a screwdriver for this. Once you have access take a look and see what is causing the blockage. Is it just debris and gunk? Or is something tougher. If you think you can unblock the outside drain then continue with the next steps, if not contact Metro Rod Birmingham.

Step 2: Collect The Tools Necessary

To unblock an outside drain you will need a couple of things. The most critical is a drainage rod. It will help break up and push through the blockage to get things flowing again. 

You’ll also want some protective clothing, waterproofs and long rubber gloves are always good. You might want to wear goggles and a face mask if the blockage is near the surface, in case any of the dirty sewage water splashes back at you. 

You’ll also need a bucket and hosepipe to help clear up.


Step 3: Remove Any Blockages

If you can see the blockage, reach in and pull out any of the debris that you can. This is the easiest way to unblock and outside drain. It might be horrible at the time but it will be a big help. Remove every bit of debris you can as this will make it easier for the following steps. 

Step 4: Clear The Blockage 

Using drainage rods if you have them, flush the blockage through. The narrow metal should slide through the drain helping to break up what is clogging the drain. Move the rods around a bit, it might take a while if you have a particularly stubborn blockage, so be patient. Keep plunging until it starts to feel easier, this is an indicator it is working. 

Step 5: Clean Up The Extra Debris

Once you’ve got the drain back flowing again, it’s worthwhile to clear up the area to help prevent it from happening again. The cleaner you get your drains the longer it will be before you have to do this again.


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